Being Is.

Rainy is unlike other girls. When she was thirteen she witnessed what most thirteen years olds will never witness. And she wants to know why. Why, it had happen. Why? To do that she becomes someone else. Is.


1. The bullet.

  "Daddy!?" my voice sounded small within the chaos of the busy town square. It was especially busy that day. And it was warm. Although if anyone of the the people in the square had glaced up, and studied the sky they would have seen the gloomy dull clouds edging closer above the town square. And if they anyone had been watching my dad slip behind the town houses then they might of thought it suspicious, maybe even risk following. But no-one did. No-one. Except me.

I stood on the edge of the street. Out of sight of the towns people and my dad, but close enough to realise that he was not alone. My dad stood with his back facing me. The outline of the other was futher away from me. Low echos of theirs voices sounded in the street. I edged closer so I would be able to hear them. 

"NO!!!" my dad screamed and I stopped in my tracks. He heard me? How? "Don't, please, don't shoot. Please..." his voice trailed off. The man stepped out of the shadows. He was tall with dark hair and in his hand he held a gun. A gun! 

"NOOO!!!," I wanted to scream, but no sound came out of me. I couldn't move. 

In that moment, everything became ever so slow. Droplets of rain fell as the man whispered ", You killed her." Then everything sped up. The man ran away after he took his shot. I still didn'd move. I didn'd have to. I already knew without looking, he was dead. My Dad, he was dead. And I... I just watched...


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