1. Time is ...




Time is

Sand swifting through your hands

Your shadow never getting caught

The air moving around you


Time is

Forever and moving

Never stopping and neverending


Time is

A term by which

You describe the world in motion

By which you discover

The unimportance of lateness


Time is

A word of four letters

Each consisting no meaning

Each making your thoughts fly away


Time is

Whenever you don't think and

Whenever you think too much


Time is

A term

A word

A four-letter union


Time does

Never stop for you

Never get caught

And never ever slow down


Time is


Only felt

Because you are there


Time is

Subjective and unfair

Horrible and disastrious

Only bringing old age and death closer


Time is

Always there

Always here

And nowhere


Time is

Not a clock

Not a tick

And not the hands moving around


Time is

Only a feeling

Of something going by

Flying away

And the emptiness

Left behind


Time can

Only be here

When it's gone



Slows down

Only for you

And quickens its strides

When you're late


Time does

Not have a care in life

And is only numbers

In our minds



Repeats itself

Too many times

For us to notice

And when we do

It's gone



Flyes by



Is there to pass time



Do not encounter obstacles

But we do


Time is

Only the thick fog around us

Moving away

When we get close


Time is

The rain pattering down on our windows

Only noticed

When it hits us


Time is



And always here


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