A date with Lou


3. Morning Love

Its a Saturday morning 8 a.m. sunshine the weather is kindda warm you were eating breakfast and thinking about last night your date and suddenly your home cell phone ringing Ring*Ring* you saw that it was Louis phone number you was kindda freak out and happy as the same time.. You pick up the phone

[Phone Conversation] Louis: hello beauty how is your morning going? <3 You: pretty good now and how about yours? <3 Louis: it’s getting better… go out of your door and there’s a surprise You walk to your door you open up and you saw red roses You: Oh my god it’s so beautiful thank you <3 Louis: I was wondering what are you going to do today? <3 You: I don’t know.. maybe nothing <3 Louis: if you not doing to do anything to do today I was wondering that you will go out and get some coffe? <3 You: okay let me get ready first <3 Louis: Sure call me when you’re finish <3

You close the door and freak out you RAN op at the stairs and dress up it took you 5 min. now you calling Louis

[New Phone Conversation]  

You: I’m done now Louis: okay than go out of your door again You: okay Louis hang op Louis: hello <3 You: Hello <3 ( he kiss you ) Louis: which place should we go… this time you pick You: the milkshake bar where they got One Direction milkshake I really wanted to try it <3

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