A date with Lou


2. Its So Beautiful

Louis got down from Harrys apartment but he forgot something than Harry call to Louis

Harry: Lou… Louis: WHAAAT?!! I have to hurry Harry: You forgot you poket Louis: I’ll be right back

Louis he walk up to harrys apartment again for getting his pokets Louis: See you Harry

Harry: Bye Boo Bear!!!

Louis got in his car and picking you up… he finally got there

You: Hey Louis: hello beauty You: so where are we going? Louis: it’s a surprise…..

Louis drive you to a please but he stop 5 min. before you were there

Louis: Close your eyes You: Okay

Louis he drive again… than he stop

Louis: okay we’re here.. keep your eyes close

Louis he got out of his car and open the door for you… he now guide you to a place with a lot of sound but then the funny stop and a romantic music start

Louis: Now open your eyes You: WOW this is amazing did you close the hole amusement park for our date? Louis: yep its only us here You: this place… this date its already perfect… and the candle light…. And you… this is already the BEST date ever thank you Louis: don’t thank me yet… sit down… here comes to food!! You: thank you

You two were talking and laughin…

You: Lou this is the best date ever thank you Lou: you have a very beautiful eyes ( he take your hand and kiss it.. he moved his head close to you and kiss you… he turn his head back and bit on his lips) You: you’re a good kisser Lou: you’re even more… its late I should drive you home

He drive you home and and he walk up to your house door and say Lou: good night beauty sleeps well He walked any.. BUT he walk back and kiss you on the lips and say good night agian

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