The Mirror

The mirror on the wall is very strange


1. Dares

"C'mon, lets play dares!"

"Yeah, good idea!"

"What about you, Sam?" My friends ask me.

"What? Oh yeah." I say. You're are all probably wondering where we are. We are all outside the haunted house. People call it that because nobody has ever come out.

"Right, Sam, I dare you to go into the Haunted House, go into every room and report back to us whatever is in there." If I had choice, I would have ran away from all three of them. But my friends know me as tough so I nodded and decided to go in. Jas gave me a torch, and Rosie and Izzy said they would go to the entrance with me and wait for me until I came out. I said bye and stepped inside. A cold wind welcomed me and I shivered. But, like the brave person I was, I walked down the hall. Faded pictures decorated the walls. One was of a lady dressed in a dress, with a headress of flowers,and she was standing by the sea, with her facing the sea . She was about 19 or 20 years old and looked like she was very pretty. I look around the house. Like her, it was pretty  - once. Flowers were in vases but they had all wilted. Frames were hung up but the pictures were faded. Then I came to a room, with a door that was slightly broken. It had no doorknob so I had to push on the door to open it. It was a living room. There was a sofa with a flower pattern, a fireplace with pictures on the top, and an old fashioned stereo. It did look pretty. So I walked back down the hall and into the next room, which was the kitchen. Rose patterned counters and a white cooker were smothered in dust, and a cupboard was over a counter, flower patterned but dusty as well. I walked around the kitchen, looking at a china biscuit tin, pots, pans and a sink. I didn't dare touch anything. I had heard too many ghost stories about this house. I was afraid touching anything might set off a curse or something.

I walk out of the kitchen and go into the next room and it was a dining room. A crisp white tablecloth was on the table and on that was a laid table, with plates and cutlery, and a candlelabra in the middle of the table. Thinking about it, this house was sort of...plain. I decided to turn around and head for the stairs.

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