Oklahoma! Fanfic(:

I love Oklahoma, and I played Laurey in middle school, So I had to write a fan fic. :)


1. The Surprise


**Author's note: This was about a half a year after they got married.(:**  



        Laurey hummed a tune as she was waiting outside for her beloved, Curly Mclain. He said he had a surprise for her, and she was exited to find out. Aunt Eller was rocking on her chair waiting outside with Laurey.

       "When was Curly supposed to come?" Eller asked. She was about as exited as Laurey.

       "I dunno. He said he was commin soon. Mebbe he needed to do sumthin." She replied, playing with her skirt. She was obviously disapointed he hadn't come yet. Then suddenly, Curly, on the back of 'Ol Blue, (His new one of course, since he sold Dun for Laurey's hamper earlier) came galloping down the plain to Aunt Eller's cozy house.

       "Curly! I've been waitin fer forever!" She yelled at him with relief, when he was a good 50 feet away from her.

       "Woah! Steady now, gurl!" He said as 'Ol Blue trolloped to a stop. He dismounted and Laurey ran to him. She embraced him, and was asking about the surprise.

      "Jist be patient. Ok Laurey honey?" He chuckled.

      "Well, okay." Laurey was smiling, still exited. She grabbed his hand and took him to Aunt Eller's porch.

      "Well, look who was nice enough to finally join us!" Eller joked. "So, what is the big surprise Laurey's been blabberin about since 8:00 this mornin?" Laurey chuckled nervously. She got maybe a little too exited.

       "Ahh, that! Well, I cain't exactly tell ya about it. You gotta follow me! I'll go grab a rig fer us to go in from around back." Curly disapered around the house, and then came back a few moments later. They all loaded into the surry he had brought out and rode away.

                                                                           *      *      * 


          "Jist a few more moments, an' we'll be there!" Curly exclaimed. Laurey and Eller were holding onto their hats, making sure that they were fastened properly to their heads and wouldn't fall off. After a long dirt path, they finally pulled up to their destination- an Idyllic, sweet little country house. It was on a ranch, with plenty of farmland.      

         "Curly, you didnt!" Laurey exclaimed.

         "But I did! This is our new house, Laurey!"

         "Oh, Curly!" Laurey smiled, then paused. "Well, aren't you gonna show us around?"

         "Why shore!" Curly held out his arm and led them to the house. They walked into a welcoming environment. It was as idyllic and sweet as the outside showed. Curly was showing her every room, and each room had something she absolutley loved.

         "Oh Curly, it shore is purty! It's perfect! I love it!" Laurey said. She gave Curly another hug and looked at Aunt Eller. "Well aint it, Aunt Eller?"

         "Why it shore is." Eller chuckled. She looked at the couple. "It shore is."


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