Broken Heart, Bleeding Heart

Heartbreak is to me an unnatural thing, that's why I write poetry about it.


1. The Cruel Temptress~

In a barren wasteland,

I gazed at you from afar,

You were my knight in shining armor,

The fuel to keep me going,

The light to guide me along,

And when that light was dim,

I held my head up,

And thought of you,

Now I see her,

I can't breathe,

The cruel temptress,

She who seduces you,

She who "loves" you,

I can't stop her,

Shes to powerful,

Now I lay,

Motionless and inable,

Crying and Hoping,

Hoping and Crying,

That you realize,

How your love,

Brings me pain.

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