Justin Bieber novelle. (engelsk)

Den handler om den her pige der skal til JB koncert med hende lillesøster og hendes lillesøster 2 veninder. Hun hader Justin, men efter hun taber hendes iPod til koncerten, Justin finder den, han ringer til hende, de mødes, ændres hendes holdning til ham fuldstændig. Jo mere hun lære ham at kende jo mere begynder hun med at ku' li' ham. Meeen hun er også ret go'e venner med Ryan, han vil ik' ha' der sker hende noget ondt. Nyd den!

P.S. - Den her historie er ikke min! Har oversat den til engelsk fordi jeg synes den er smadre go'! Har ikke læst hele del 1 endnu (der er 2 dele!) Sys bare I skulle ta' og nyde den! :-)


4. Chap. 4 - A very long ride, and a lot of Justin Bieber.

When they all sat ready in the car, and had peed, we drove off. The ride would take about 3 hours. So it was getting started, or whatever you say. At first they were quiet, and just talked about it, so that was to endure. Just until they heard the radio said, ‘’And now, a full hour with Justin Bieber, have fun!’’ Great, just what was missing… my sister, who sat in front with me, screwed up so much she could. There I knew it would be a long ride. I sighed loud, but I think they didn’t care, they just sang with on Justin’s songs. It would properly be fun…


When the hour with Justin Bieber, it more seemed like teen, was finally over, and there no music was, they all three felled asleep. They had properly been up all night to make their shirts. I don’t get it. But now there was quiet, and that was more lovely. I sat a long time just enjoying the silence, of course, not without concentrating on driving. But it was nice, and they looked so so sweet, when they lay there and slept. I had to enjoy it, as long as it lasted. One hour, and twenty-three minutes till arrival, at least by the GPS. Just imagine thousands of screaming girls, that all want to be up front. That should go well. I laughed by the thought, a whole room full of girls, that screams at their idol. I wonder if there is any boys, properly not. Everyone from my class hates him, so there were properly nothing hot to look at. Although I properly would have to admit, that him there Bieber looks pretty good. Think I just thought that! I shook the thought away, and focused on the road. The sun was out and I got a sunbeam straight in my face, but it was very nice. I loved the sun, and the heat, although it sometimes gets to hot. Ever since my mom and dad got divorced and we moved from on of the coldest cities, to this warm and sunny city, I had loved the sun. I felt the sadness spreading in my body when I thought of my father. I haven’t talked to him in a couple of months, or exactly four. He got so incredibly angry, when we chose to move with mom. That was properly why Natalie had received these tickets as a gift so she could think of something else. It helped, she hasn’t been talking about everything else in an whole month. I looked over at her, and smiled for myself. It has been a hard year for her, and now I got her sky happy, by taking with them today. She opened her eyes, and returned my smile while I just looked at her for a short time, and again looked towards the road.

‘’How far is there more?’’ she asked, and looked with shine in her eyes on me.

‘’About ten minutes.’’ I said with a smile in my voice. I could feel she got more and more excited, and she wasn’t so long about to wake Carly and Jenny. After a little, there was noise in the car again. The seconds went, the minutes went, and at last we’re driving into the gigantic parking lot, in front of the big Arena. The girls jumped out, full of excitement. I got out and grabbed my bag. This place was incredible big, and there hang posters of Justin Bieber everywhere on the parking lot.

‘’Woaw.’’ It came from Carly, there stood totally still. There just stood there and looked. I smiled at them, ‘’Come on girls, we would rather not be late.’’ I said and tried to sound like I was excited. They nodded eagerly, and walked over to the shining building.


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