One Alone

You'll never know me. Because you don't Understand me.


1. 1 Alone

You've never really known me,

You never truly see.

And now it seems everyone just

Cannot be given trust.


I'm not sure what exactly's wrong,

I just dance to a different song.

And tap my feet to a different beat,

All the terrible school year long.


My grades are great, and I have friends,

But they're not the type that help mend.

I'm different in a whole new way,

And no one has a hand to lend.


I hate the way people plan and plot,

Lionize some and leave others to rot.

They're fake as plastic and hard as stone,

My classmates~ They'd win as gladiators in Rome.


I really don't know what exactly's wrong,

But my mom's constant irritating song,

Just aggravates me even more,

She just doesn't understand me to the core.


I talk to friends till late at night,

But my work's better than just alright.

Yet she yells at me, for this and that,



Sometimes I just worry so,

My mom and I just really don't go.

My friends just wouldn't understand,

We're seperated by miles of land.


And now I cry till late at night,

Worrying still, about my plight.

And now my grades are slipping fast,

My friends are disappearing~ I never thought they'd last...


And I am alone in this cold barren world,

For friends I have are dark ivy strands~ green and furled.

And here I sit in my walled off garden,

With myself as my own prison warden.






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