Natural Enemies

A typical Jock named James has got everything. He's captain of the football team, he has parents that will give him anything he wants. But he wants a girlfriend now, and he doesn't go for a cheerleader, oh no. He goes for Amelia, the goth. She doesn't know that he likes her, but she likes him too. But because of they're two social groups, they can't mix. But he doesn't care, and he asks her out. But the head cheerleader won't lose him that easily. No chance....


3. Amelia: The Beginning

I don't see why some people have to be so, well rude. Just because I have blonde hair and black streaks doesn't mean I'm an emo, it just means that I like my hair like this. I also wear dark clothing, so this supports the 'fact' that I'm an emo, but I'm not. But no, people will just take a look at me, and judge me, like a piece of meat. I can't be bothered to argue, they can think what they want, doesn't mean it's true. I sat in the library, just staring at my book, not really reading it. The words just looked like a bunch of scribbles and lines and dots. I've read this book like a hundred times, but I never get tired of it. Cat Clarke's Entangled, it's amazing. I read it like once every week without trying. I'm a social outcast, so I have plenty of time for reading.


The countless amount of bookcases and shelves were filled to the brim with books I have yet to read. I had to admit, I need to get a different book. I just keep signing this back out constantly, and read it and re-read it. I got up, and scanned the shelves for a book that caught my eye. It's not the book that caught my eye, but the author. I never noticed it here before, another Cat Clarke book; Torn. I grabbed the book without even looking at the cover or blurb. And signed it out, "I knew that would catch your eye," the librarian laughed lightly. She signed Torn out and put Entangled on her pile of books that needed to be put on their rightful places, the stack was 15 books high. That's quite a lot for a change actually.  I like the librarian, she was nice, I just call her miss like I do with all the other teachers. I put Torn in my bag, and was on my way. "Thanks, see ya tomorrow," I called back.


I went to the English department, yay I actually enjoy English. I know what I'm doing, and I barely have to think. Two positives. The negative is that the jocks are in my class, they're all twats. I won't think any different until they show an improvement. "Hey, emo bitch!" one of them called to me. I think I'll learn how to fly before they improve their attitude, so I'm not betting that they'll ever learn not to be twats. I sighed under my breath "Twats," and they heard. The tallest one, with a muscular figure and dark hair walked over to me, expecting me to apologize by the looks of it. "What did you call me?" asking, again as if I was going to answer him. He towered over me, making me feel even smaller, which wasn't helping, neither did my reply. "If you wanted to hear, you'd learn to listen for a change." What the hell Amelia, why did you say that!? I yelled to myself in my head, and I was yelled back telepathically: 'Shut up, don't you think I realized that wasn't clever.' I swallowed.


He didn't say anything, he did what he did best, beat people up. He didn't beat me up, but he did punch me in the nose. I returned to his minions, "Learn some manners," he spat. I rolled my eyes, "You could tell yourself that." I grumbled, but again he heard. And he charged over, I knew I was a goner. But someone pushed him away from me, I didn't look. "Serious Bradley, don't hit girls." The defender said. I felt a little dizzy now, blood was pouring from my nose quite rapidly. "But she isn't a girl, she's a thing!" Bloody hell, I haven't heard that insult in years. Returning to the classics are we? The defender didn't reply, good decision. No point, cause they think they're so clever, even though they're not. My shoulder bag suddenly felt a lot heavier, I also felt light-headed. A pair of hands, rested on my shoulders, leading me away from the drama that was what those people call 'a joke.' It's stupid, they might think it's clever, but that's just because they have the I.Q of a piece of cheese.


"Are you alright? Except them being twats obviously." He asked, actually concerned, not pretending like the rest. "I think, I'm not really sure," I tried to breathe out through my cracked lips. Breathing through my nose would definitely be a bad decision. I couldn't walk straight, I felt like I was on the moon. And the low gravity was pulling me in different directions, and I was just blindly bouncing forward with no coordination. We got to the nurse, she was sitting at her desk, tying on her laptop. He knocked on the door, after a few minutes of waiting patiently. She waved for us to come in. I walked in with him standing at my side.


When she looked up, she jumped from her chair, and looked at my face. "How did this happen?! No accident by the looks of it," he observed. The boy next to me nodded, "Yeah, Bradley being a twat as usual." He declared, that was definitely true. The nurse rolled her eyes, "That stupid boy, not being rude or anything. I hope one day he gets a taste of his own medicine." "I think we all hope for that," I added. The boy laugh slightly, the nurse looked over to him, but just smiled. "Thanks for bringing her, you can stay with her if you wish. I know I recognise your face, but I forgot, what's your names?" "I'm Amelia Swift," taking too long to reply. That punch slowed down my thinking, "And you?" she asked him. "James Snow." What! As in the captain of the football team?! You are kidding me. But one question I asked myself. Why was he helping me?  

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