The 43 Bus Stop.

Little snippets of funny conversations at the bus stop in my head, the 43.
Funny how strangers can make or break your day.
I have a slightly weird sense of humor.


1. One Day...

I was at a bus stop, the one in West Brom, the 43 bus stop near the McDonalds  (if you insist to know the details), casually minding my own business, when something very interesting happened.

It is a rare and joyous occasion when something  noticeably different happens in my life. I'm a victim of daily repetition and "Going Through The Motions". 

It was just me, and a seemingly normal gentleman wearing a suit waiting for the bus. He whistled, it was out of tune, but bearable. He did look very dapper, and I liked his choice of tie. Then a lady, who looked slightly African, joined us.

She didn't come silently, and maybe it would have made a difference if she did, her heels clicked loudly, but I didn't mind the sound. What I am about to say is very important. Her hair was braided. Small braids on her head. That's it. No weave. Or anything else typically associated  with black people.

And then the man looked at her. It was a full up and down stare, I don't think he actually cared that she was fully aware that he was staring at her. Some people, just don't care about other people. Then he raised his eyebrows as his eye caught her work tag.

"Excuse me? Are you going to Alstom, in Stafford?" He barked out. It was loud, some people walking by looked back and raised their eyebrows slightly.

No wonder the African woman answered back, slightly warily, "Yes". She didn't sound one bit scared. I would have been terrified.

The yes, seemed to excite the gentleman and he replied  "Me too! It's such a big work place". 

"Interesting." She didn't look that interested. 

I do like to eavesdrop, but this conversation was getting dry. I reached in my school bag for my earphones and I almost put them in, when I heard :

"I like your dreadlocks."


I looked at the African woman, it was anybody's guess how she would take it. 

"These aren't dreadlocks; they're just normal braids." Her voice was shaking with laughter, so I guess she found it pretty funny. I guess it's like inside jokes. Some people find them hilarious. Others, not so much. I'll tell you a joke I found so funny, but my best friends didn't really get:

What's black and rhymes with Snoop?

Dr Dre!



The man with the suitcase didn't miss the lady's laughter. He narrowed his eyes. And looked slightly offended. But, under no circumstances was what he said acceptable.

"Wow! Well sorry I'm not black enough." - Why would you say that? Ever?!

Well obviously, she was shocked. So was I. It was the only time I ever felt like saying "Just Because I'm Black", ever in my life. It was weird. And awkward. 

She had a bit of a Hold-My-Earrings-Shaniqua Moment, and their innocent conversation turned slightly nasty..."You don't have to be black to distinguish braids and dreadlocks! That's highly offensive."

He snapped back "So is your face." Best comeback ever right there, my friend.

And then, he stuck out his tongue! This was weird because;

a) He was a grown man.

b) His tongue was all creamy and white. And when you have a tongue that nasty, it puzzles me as why you would ever want to show it. Especially in a way that was so explicit as sticking it out.

The African woman, got very shocked indeed, and stuck up her nose slightly, as if to imply that she was smelling something nasty, and then abruptly said "Wow, I cannot believe you are this immature. Classy."

It was silent for a few moments. She walked as far away as possible from the man that she could, without moving away from the bus stop. She removed her work tag, and put it in her bag. We waited for the most excruciating minute of my life until a bus came to the bus stop. Without saying anything the woman walked pass the man and unto the bus.

"Miss!", He cried out whilst the doors were closing, "You've gotten onto the wrong bus! That's the wrong bus!"


She sat in a window seat. 

Looked at the man directly.

And gave him the finger as the bus drove away.



I love my Bus Stop.




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