What's Said Between Girls

It's about these three girls trying to survive highschool with Shanaynay Bonquiqui. They're all besties, but Shanaynay might just push them over the top a little...See if something goes wrong or if everything turns out fine.


1. Sydney

I got on the bus and sat down in an empty seat. I listened to Panic at the Disco on my iPod and really started getting into it. I started playing the air guitar and held an air microphone in my hand. When all of a sudden Lacey Turner gave me a ‘What a loser!’ face. I returned the favor by giving her a ‘This is a fake smile and I really think your face looks like a squirrel got run over’ expression. She looked away and I just sat there listening to my music until a girl with long black hair sat next to me. I clicked pause on my iPod and looked over to the girl.

“What is up in the hizzi muh BFF!”Shanaynay practically yelled. Annoyed expressions stared at us. Shanaynay didn’t mean harm, but she was a little spazzy.

“Nothing much, Shanaynay.” I answered then went back to listening to my music.

“Ahem!” She cleared her throat loudly. I paused my music again and looked over at her with a smile.

“Yes, Shanaynay?” I asked her slightly annoyed.

“So you don’t care enough to ask me how I’M doing up in the hizzi?!” She snapped at me.

“Fine. How are you this morning, Shanaynay?” Finally resorting to turning off my iPod.

“FABULOSO! I feel like the sun took one of its squiggly rays and tapped me on the shoulder sayin’ wake up my little Shanaynay.” She answered flailing her arms around in the seat pretending to be the sun.

“That’s, uh, great!” I told her trying to keep my fake smile on.

“What’s got ya down in the dumps, hun, because I just took my trash out and I don’t feel like going back to the germ-filled place.”

“Oh, it’s nothing Shanaynay.” I told her not wanting to admit it was because I didn’t want to talk, but instead just listen to my iPod.

“Puh-lease! I know a crisis when I see one.” She said loudly.

“Really it’s nothing I want to talk about now, maybe later.” I said in a whisper hoping she would follow.

“That is perfectly A-OK!” She answered not following my whisper. “So I’ve been thinking lately. This whole long hair is really not me anymore.” She continued her loud conversation. “I was thinking of takin’ a pair of scissors and chopping it ALL OFF!”She pushed her black locks of hair behind her.

“I thought you told me your mom didn’t trust you with scissors?” I asked her.

“Well, that’s why I’m taking the safety scissors from my little sister, Chinay.”

“I thought your little sister’s name was Cheryl.” I asked her.

“NO! It’s Chinay!” Shanaynay snapped at me. “Anyways, I was thinking of cutting it really super short.”

“Why?! It’s pretty the way it is.” I told her. She smiled and held her hair to her over bronzed face and fluttered her fake eyelashes.

“Aw! Thanks so much girlfrand! I’m thinkin’ of gettin’ a bob though. Those things sound so weird! Bob. Bob. Bob. It’s like B-O-B. Bob. Bobert. Bob-bob-borino. Bobby. Bobby. Hey! Isn’t Bobby that guy you like.”

“Uh, haha, nope I don’t think it is. Haha.” I played stupid because he was sitting right in front of us.

“No. I am 99.9999999999-“

“I get it!” I interrupted her.

“Well, I am as sure as a pregnancy test that that’s the guy you like! Bobby. Bobby. Bobby. Yep it is. Bobby Newman.”After she said that Bobby turned around and looked at us. I blushed and did a wimpy wave.

“Can we talk after?” Bobby asked me. I looked up and smiled really big nodding my head. “Cool.” He turned back around in his seat.

“Ooooooooh! Bobby is TOTES hittin’ on ya!” Shanaynay yelled.

“Shut up.” I whispered. “He was checkin’ out yo bod!” She said loudly again.

“Shut up.” I said louder.

“If you were a coloring book and he was a crayon, he would color you up!”

“Look who’s not the brightest crayon in the crayon box.” Lacey smirked.

“Yeah, well when you color with Shanaynay she makes your mind explode, when people color with you—wait! No one wants to color with you.” I gave Lacey a dirty looked and returned to the window. Yeah, Shanaynay could get aggravating, but she was still my friend.

“Yeah! You wanna know why hay is yellow?! Because everyone wants to p” I stopped her before she swore.

“Hey! You! Shut you pie hole ya jack wagon!” The bus driver yelled at Shanaynay. Shanaynay started standing up, but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

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