What's Said Between Girls

It's about these three girls trying to survive highschool with Shanaynay Bonquiqui. They're all besties, but Shanaynay might just push them over the top a little...See if something goes wrong or if everything turns out fine.


2. Alex

I spun through the numbers and the locker didn’t budge. I tried the combination again and I still couldn’t open it.

“EHYA! Open you stupid piece of turd!” I yelled at my locker banging and kicking it.

“Hey, you need some help there?” Tommy McTomason came over and asked me. He was THE cutest guy in school. With his perfect blonde hair floating on his head. He was just so bad! I loved that about him! “Hello?” He said again. I forgot he was talking to me.

“Huh?! Oh! Yeah, I love you. I- I mean, I would love for you to help me. But, not love as in like love, love as in like. Hah, not that I like you, well I like you, but like not like love you like you.” I babbled on. He touched my shoulder and I got shivers. The warmth of his fingers on my clothes felt like I was in heaven. He took a pair of pliers out of his back pocket and opened my locker.

“Hah. Thanks.” I smiled really big.

“No problem. Maybe we can hang out this weekend.” He said to me flirtaciously.

“Well, I’ll have to check my schedule. I pulled out my schedule book and looked at what I was doing. Oh no! I was all booked! I had my drawing class on Saturday and I was hanging out with Sara and Sydney on Sunday. I could cancel with them, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. “I’m free Sunday.” I smiled at him.

“Cool! See you then!” He kissed my cheek and left.

“See you then!” I waved goodbye and shut my locker, jumping up and down.

“Giiiiiirl. You lookin’ happier than me when I see a kangaroo.” Shanaynay came over saying to me.

“Where’s Sydney?” I asked her.

“Oh, she’s gettin’ it on with Bobby Newman.” I saw Sydney and Bobby walk by laughing and talking. What was THAT to Shanaynay. Sydney saw me and came over Bobby waved goodbye to Sydney and kept walking.

"So, you and Bobby? Huh?" I smiled at Sydney.

"Thanks to MUAH!" Shanaynay yelled pointing to herself. "If it wasn't for me you and Bobby wouldn't be hittin' it off!" She yelled again.

"We weren't hitting it off anywhere!" Sydney said with force.

"Oh PUH-LEASE! You two looked like two fish during mating season!" Shanaynay yelled again.

"Anyway, I needed to talk to you anyway to tell you that I'm not going to be able to hang out with you and Sara on Sunday. I told Sydney.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because her and Tommy are going to be using their lips for somethin' else!" She yelled making a kissy face. I slapped her arm because Tommy was standing in the group next to us. I blushed and pulled them away from my locker.


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