All Thats In Between

Susan and Nick used to be best friends until something split them apart. Now they hate each other, but whats going to happen when Susan has to stay with Nicks family while here mums away working in England?
A story of hate, love and all thats in between


3. Susan: New Beginings

I Looked out the plane window at a dark, cold ireland. Home sweet home. The plane bumped as it came into contact with the ground, I held onto my arm rest out of the fear of flying, fear of death. The plane finally came to a halt outside Dublin airport. Everyone began to stand but I sat perfectly still not needing to get into a rush of hustle and bustle. My small fuchsia handbag was sitting at my feet, I picked it up looking for my phone. As I turned it on I text Mom telling her that I had landed. She replied seconds later with a smiley face and a big yay. I laughed at my mums small childish antics and began to stand as people made their way off the plane. I thanked the air hostess's at the plane door before stepping out and taking in the beautiful Irish air. I felt rain drops fall onto my pale, hot skin as it began to rain. Sure most people living in Ireland hated the weather, but thats what I loved about Ireland. The rain made me feel alive as weird as that sounded, but thats  just me im...unique.

I walked through to arrivals and as soon as I walked through the doors Ashley and Lilly came running at me, embracing me in their warm hugs. A tear ran down my cheek when I realised how much I had missed them. I dropped my bags and hugged them back rocking back and forth, laughing. When we pulled away I picked my bags back up and walked over to my smiling mother, hugging her tightly. I had missed her so much, too much. When she let go of me, she took my bags and we headed out to the car discussing my one month holiday at my grandparents house. I told them of how the house was huge, about Grandpa teaching me poker, about the big shopping trip Grandma took me on and about the great friends I made In sunny California. Ashley and Lilly were green with jealousy but I reassured them that I bought back tons of gifts. They squealed with excitement hugging and thanking me. I laughed at their immature antics and hugged back. I yawned, looking out the window It was only 3am and i had been flying since 2pm. I had also only got five hours sleep due to turbulence. “Maybe you should get some sleep when you get home.” Mum offered as my eyes began to close and my thoughts drifted into dreams.

I woke to the sound of the car door closing. Ashley nudged me gently as my eyes fluttered open to a still dark Ireland. I pushed myself out of the car and helped to bring the suitcases into the house. The house was still the same. The bright hallway was filled with daffodils, the cream walls were covered with family pictures and painting. I was led into the sitting room were the soft red couch was set up with blankets, pillows and a hot water bottle. The fire was lit and the room was looking amazing. I sat down on the couch yawning again as Ashley and Lilly approached me. “Why dont we unpack for you while you rest?” Lilly offered I smiled and nodded. “Just dont touch that one.” I winked pointing to a large bright pink material suitcase. The girls laughed and hugged me before they left the room leaving me to sleep.

I woke the next day at 2pm. The sun was shining behind the cream blinds and the fire had burnt out. I sat up stretching and yawning, then lifted myself off the warm couch and walked to the kitchen. Mum sat at the breakfast bar eating cheese toasties with Ashley and Lilly. I stumbled over and sat on one of the stools. A steaming cup of tea and a cheese toastie was placed in front of me. I smiled and thanked my mum. Ashley and Lilly informed me that everything was unpacked and put away I thanked them as I took a bite out of the toastie. They then explained that we would be going out shopping today and that we had some things to discuss later over dinner. I nodded taking everything in and finishing my lunch.

We decided to go to Dundrum shopping centre to see all the end of summer sales. I was getting dressed when I looked over and saw someone by the neighbours window. I walked over slowly surprised that they had moved in so fast. I stopped at my window trying to see through the crack in the black curtains when they suddenly flew open and there stood Nick Jameson. I stood stunned and thanking god that I was wearing clothes. Nick looked just as shocked as I was. It felt like we had been staring for hours before Nick finally broke the connection and raised his eyebrows. My mouth was still hanging when he smirked and closed the curtains. Seconds later Lilly came in asking what had taken so long. I turned to her shaking my head before breaking down into tears. She held me in her arms but I pushed her away. “He moved in?” I screamed “And you didnt tell me.” There was a knock on my window I turned around and opened the window for Nick. “What!” I shouted “Could you keep it down.” He laughed and climbed back into his room. I looked at Lilly and began crying even more. She hugged me tight and whispered her apologizes.

When we finally left the house after hours of screaming and crying I had found out that Trish Jameson had been transfered back here, and as they had never sold their house they moved straight back in. I was still angry that no one had told me about this but mum explained she didnt want anything to ruin my holiday. Thats when they they told me about Lilly's sad news. Lilly, my best friend, was moving to the countryside somewhere five hours from where we live now. The worst bit? She was moving in three days. I hugged her tightly  begging that no tears would fall. Before we knew it we were out the door on the way to the shopping centre. It was the end of the summer sales and we were running around like loonies. I was looking around top man with Ashley waiting for Lily to come back from paying. As I turned around I bumped into someone. I looked up and recognized the smirking face i was looking at. “We meet again.” he laughed. I felt that this was a good time to get a full look at the Nick Jameson I had once new so well. He was definitely fit and I noticed over summer his muscles had grown and his sick pack was very visible under his blue t-shirt. I looked up at his bright blue eyes that held a sense of mischief in them. “Are you following me now?” I hit back throwing him right off track. He seemed to notice that I wasn't the blubbering young girl I had been before summer. Dare I say it Grandma had straightened me out. His blue eyes widened with surprise and he gave me a quick look over. “Well you are in the mens section.” He grinned at me baring his perfect white teeth, braces had done him well. I glared at him, giving a sly yet ugly smile then rolled my eyes before walking away, dying to look back. Ashley watched me as I strutted away following not far behind. I could see that she too was surprised by my change of confidence but being my best friend she said nothing, knowing that I would not like to be reminded of how I would usually handle a moment like that. Instead she smiled up at me with awe in her eyes.

We were home by seven with tons of bags in our hands and a camera full of new memories. The bags were placed by the door and the kitchen greeted us with the warm smell of mum's brownies. We sat by the kitchen counter looking down at the pasta before us, wishing we could skip dinner and head straight for desert, but without a word said we dug into the pasta thanking mum for the delicious food. Mum sat in front of us asking about our day and the lovely new things we had bought. We described the new season dresses and the high and glamorous shoes we had spotted. She began to talk of her days and the fashions she thought so elegant but now so old. We listened intently surprisingly interested in the 'When I was your age...' tales she told. When dinner was finished mum handed us a plate full of her brownies as well as a big bowl of popcorn as she advised that we watch a movie. Agreed, we headed to my bedroom and sat on the big bed discussing what to watch. As Ashley was looking through the collection of DVD's, I began to tell Lilly about the run in with Nick she had missed. When I was finished she looked up at me a smile gracing her lips and told me she was proud. I took this to heart as that was exactly how I was feeling at the time. Ashley on the other hand had just finished picking a film. She turned to us and asked our opinion. I read the blurb of the box. “A small town girl finds love in the big city but when faced with the choice of friendship or Love she finds out what the words Love and Friendship really mean.” I smiled at the blurb thinking to myself how I had ever missed this. It seemed like my type of film, love and friendship. I shook this thought from my mind and handed the DVD back to Ashley. We sat back on the bed and began to watch the movie as we munched on the treats in front of us .

By the end of the movie we all had tears in their eyes. “That was so sweet.” Ashley choked. Lilly and I laughed. We looked down at the empty bowls in front of us and frowned. I stood up and offered to refill the bowls. Downstairs I found three bowls set on the kitchen counter  filled with sweets, crisps and chocolate. I smiled and somehow balanced them on my arms and in my hands. I made it to the bedroom without dropping a single thing but  was then attacked by a very greedy Ashley. I set the bowls on the bed and we sat round in a circle and began our catching up. Ashley started by telling us about her two week trip to spain were she caught an amazing tan, went shopping and met some cute boys. She was on holidays with her cousins and they went out to great nightclubs every night. She was completely wrecked when she got home. She also came down with a bad cold due to the instant weather change. She told us about the crazy drunk nights she had and the horrendous hangovers and we all laughed remembering our own crazy drunk nights that no one ever remembers much of the next day. Lilly told us next about her interesting time in London. She described the amazing shops and new season clothes, and how happy she was that the hotel had an indoor pool and spa. She told us about one cute American guy she met by the pool and about their romantic and crazy evenings together, about the sites they saw together and their heartbreaking goodbye. She described very carefully the words he said to her and that last kiss they shared, when they both said they would stay in touch and meet again they could see in each others eyes that this would probably be the last time they would meet in person and this brought tears to Lilly's eyes. I held my arm around her shoulder as she quietly sobbed into my chest telling me about the way he would hold her and how much she missed his soft, warm touch. This brought tears to Ashley's eyes and I soon felt my own eyes begin to water. We were all remembering those special moments we held with our most recent ex-boyfriends and the way we all had to say goodbye. Whether it was leaving them with tears in our eyes or becoming 'just friends' with a kind hug to offer or even finding out about a cheater with a hard slap on its way. We looked over to each other remembering one another's newest loss. We had all been a shoulder to cry on for one another at one time and sometimes even the one shedding the cold, lonely tears. Lilly wiped her tears and looked up apologizing for her sudden breakdown, We assured her that it was all fine and continued our summer stories. It was now my go. I told them about the first moment I stepped out of the airport and the sudden heat that blew into my face and the scared feeling inside me telling me to run home. It was so big so busy. Everyone knew what they were doing except for me. I searched frantically for a familiar face and was soon greeted by my smiling grandparents. I told them about the huge shopping malls. One mall was the size of the whole of Dublin. At least thats how it felt. I described the amazing lazy days i spent by the beach laying on a towel in the hot sand and watching the sun shine down on the small children splashing in the waves, the young couples staring into one another's eyes and the old couples reading books and holding hands. I watched the family's the mother and father reading close together, the young ones splashing in the water or building sandcastles and the older kids soaking in the sun or reading the latest Teen Vogue magazine. Then I looked at the people on their own. Some held books in their hand showing they were here for a good holiday, others lying motionless telling that they were here just for the sun. I wondered which one I was. Why was I here? I quickly skipped past that bit and onto the part of the holiday I knew that Ashley and Lilly had been waiting to hear about. His name was Sam, he was seventeen and I met him by the beach. Our towels were placed beside each other and we began to talk after I noticed he was reading a book by the same author as I. We instantly connected and spent most of our time together down by the beach. He was perfect, hot, nice, smart and sensitive. He told me that his parents had a villa just down the road and they always came over for summer. He was from New York. On our last day together he presented me with a beautiful diamond necklace with our names engraved on the back. He told me that although he knows that we will probably never be together again he wanted me to remember the amazing summer we spent together. At that we shared a long passionate kiss and when we pulled away our eyes were both watering he kissed my forehead before walking to his car and waving goodbye. I sat on the front porch step for the rest of the day waiting and wishing  to see the small blue mini drive back through the iron gates. But when midnight hit I knew he wasn't coming back so I headed indoors and went straight to bed. That night I recalled our summer together and the new memories made. I held the necklace in my hands and traced my finger over the engraved words. “Susan + Sam” I knew that I wasn't in love with him, but the love I felt for him was deep and beautiful. I knew he felt the same way. A week later on my second last day I got a long letter from Sam. I stopped my story and jumped of my bed to retrieve the Letter. When I was once again comfortable I read aloud the letter. 'Dear Susan, This summer has been a summer that I am sure never to forget, I experienced things I have never before experienced. I learnt things from you that opened my eyes to so much. I have learnt what the word love means and although this summer we did not fall in love I know that the love we did feel for one another was something precious and rare. You told me one night when we were walking by the beach about how you feel about life, you stated that “Life was a game that everyone was bound to loose.” Those first words made me wonder about you, were you that angry at life? You then continued and the words you said I will never forget. “But although you may want to quit and give up there will always be a reason to continue. Everyone tries to win at life and although we all lose we dont always lose alone.” I spent days trying to work out what you were saying. When I had finally realised what you said it changed my own way of seeing life. I thank you for the things you made me feel. I know that the future is looking bleak but I believe that one day we will meet again, whether it be in another decade or another life. At some point in my life i will look for you, not to rekindle our relationship but to feel the friendship again. You made me feel like I could never be alone again. You showed me a friendship that I am sure I will never find with anyone else. I will email you and send you letters and facebook you until you are fed up with me, but I will never let myself lose you. I hope that you have had an amazing holiday and that you write back to this letter. I will wait to hear from you no matter how long it takes. I miss you Susan. Your friend, Sam xx”

When I had finished reading the letter, tears began forming in my eyes. I looked up and saw tears flowing down Ashley and Lilly's cheeks.

The next day we planned to go to the cinema. We woke at two that afternoon after a late night of chatting and laughing. Mum had prepared pancakes for breakfast and while digging in we discussed our plan for the day. By the time we had finished our breakfast we had decided that we would be going to the cinema at three, we were going to see some new romantic comedy that Lilly had been waiting to see all summer and then come back for dinner and spend the night at the newest nightclub in town. We ran upstairs and began getting ready. As we threw on clothes and brushed our teeth I couldnt help but look at the bedroom window. I wondered what he was doing right now. Was he thinking of me? Did he really hate me? I looked down at the necklace sitting on my chest and I remembered back to the days I had spent with Nick. I loved him so dearly with all my heart, we swore to be friends forever. It was all because of that stupid night, that stupid kiss! I remembered sitting on the swing it was freezing out and I didnt even have a jacket. I looked at his face, tears welled in his eyes, thats when it hit me. I broke down crying waiting to feel his warm arms around my shoulders but I never did. Lilly tapped my shoulder and I was pulled out of my trance. “You ok?” She looked at my now pale white face and her stare stopped at my tear stained cheeks. I hadn't noticed i was crying. I smiled at Lilly and nodded before wiping my cheeks. She hugged me tight then pulled away without a word, sensing I didnt want to talk. I love how well Lilly knows me.

Before Long we were at the cinema watching ads. I somehow managed to make it up the stairs with my purse, ticket a large slushy, popcorn and a bag of M&M's. We were close to the back and so far had most of the row to ourselves. The screen was now giving out cinema rules and we knew the movie was getting ready to start. Ashley whispered something to me about the couple making out in front of us, I laughed – a little too loudly- and the couple stopped what they were doing. The guy turned around and my mouth fell open. “Cant get enough of me then?” He grinned as his eyes lit up with cheek. I shook my head at him and glared. He was never going to leave me alone no matter what and now that we were neighbours we would be seeing each other even more. I guess I should be used to it by now. Ever since we had stopped being friends Nick had began to bully me. My face was red with anger and just as i was about to reply to his witty comment the movie began. Nick raised his eyebrows at me awaiting an answer but I just lifted my chin and began to watch the film. The film ended and we walked out of the cinema followed by Nick and his girlfriend Maya. I rolled my eyes and stopped pulling Ashley and Lilly to a halt with me. “Is something wrong?” He smirked “Not at all.” I flashed him my most fake smile and waved him on. He turned to Maya and they snickered to one another, before leaving us alone.

The next day I stood with Ashley and Lilly in the old train station. Lilly's train was arriving soon. We had been here nearly ten minutes now consoling each other, not a tear was shed but when the train pulled up we hugged each other tightly and allowed the tears to stream down our cheeks. “It will be okay” Ashley smiled. “You'll make friends real quick with that quirky attitude.” Lilly laughed but i could see the fear of starting over burning through her eyes. “Next weekend im dragging mum and Ash down to the country with me and we'll spend the weekend together.” We all agreed this was a great idea but no matter what we said to each other we could never hide the fact that we would not see Lilly for at least a month and that was just too painful to admit so we told each other we would visit at the weekends even though deep down we all knew we were to busy for that. We watched the train pulling Lilly away from us then turned and walked home without another word.

Back at home Ashley and I sat on my unmade bed, still in silence. “Its going to be ok right?” Ashley looked up tears threatening to fall from the corners of her eyes, a look of hope hovering on her now pale face. I smiled at her speaking more to myself then to her. “We have each other right?” Ashley nodded and looking down she reminded me of the little girl I used to know. The one who always looked up to me for advice, the one I would mother and tell that all was fine. I placed my arm around ashley and we hugged each other as Ashley let out the first new batch of tears, as i held my chin on her shoulder letting each tear drop like the rain outside the window, slowly, each new drop holding a new feeling, meaning and emotion. Right then I was brought back to the old days, this time two people were missing, Lilly, who would never truly leave as a choice and Nick, who did.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of my alarm beeping louder at every second. I lifted myself into a sitting position, stretching and looking around at the cold room. I had always hated first days. They were the day you told yourself that this year you were going to change, be different, be who you always had wanted to but walking through those crowded hallways, each person in their own group, their own world, you realised that nothing was ever going to change. Downstairs I saw mum sitting at the kitchen counter, a look of guilt spread across her face. I sat down slowly on the stool opposite her. “Morning hun.” she chirped. I gave her an odd look, trying to figure out what was going on. “You may want to sit down” She sighed “I am sitting. Mum...whats going on?” I gripped onto the kitchen counter thinking the worst before she finally answered. “I got a new job.” She smiled, but I could see right through her, there was something else. “Its in....England.” My jaw dropped, my eyes widening I readied myself for a fight. But nothing came out of my mouth, I was speechless. “Hunny, please say something?” I continued to stare at her in silence, until two minutes later I croaked “Why?” “Its a great opportunity and brilliant pay and the best part is that i only have to work in England for three months and then i can continue the job in Dublin.” The words fell from her mouth, in such speed that it took me a moment to take it all in. “When do we leave.” The words were barley above a whisper and as i spoke a tear fell from my eye, but if this is what she wanted i had to be strong right? “Your....your not coming, dear.” Mum looked down at her feet and twisted her wedding ring, the way she does when she knows she's going to upset someone, but before i could speak she continued. “You will be staying with Trish......and well Nick.” “What-” I began to shout but she cut me off with another jumble of words “Im sorry but I couldnt take you away from school for three months and I knew you wouldn't want to leave, and i know you hate him but Trish is the only one who knows, she is the only person i can leave you with. I know your going to tell me I shouldn't leave, but this is the opportunity i have been looking for, not only is it my dream but it will bring us amazing pay. I wont have to work part-time in every place in town anymore, please, please just consider it.” I quietly slipped off my stool and went to my bedroom.

The whole day my head was filled with the news I had been given this morning, I couldnt help glancing at Nick every so often trying to work out if he had also been told, but he was acting no different then usual. I knew i would have to give in no matter what, especially after seeing mum crying on the counter before i left. Ashley had noticed something was wrong the minute I walked in, but guessing it was just about Lilly, she left me alone. So far my first day was going worse then usual. When I opened the front door, I heard mum on the phone. Closing the door I tiptoed to the front door where mum was talking. “Yes,I told her” I could only hear mum but i guessed she was talking to Trish “She, didnt take it well, but I think she may say yes, well at least I hope. Have you told Nick yet?” “Well good luck it was hard and Susan is much easier.” “Alright, well call me later, bye now” As the phone clicked off I quickly tiptoed back to the front door and opened it. “Mum” I called “Im home.” I saw her emerge from the front door as I closed the front door, there was hope written all over her face, and of course I just couldnt take it any longer. “When am I moving in?” I sighed as Mum came charging at me, hugs and thanks in hand.

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