The orphan


2. The day

It was Tuesday, her favourite day of the week as that was when we would go out for dinner. We'd just had Mc Donalds and were going to buy her Birthday cake. She was describing and huge chcolate cake with white chcolate sprinkles, she was so good at imagining that I could see the cake right there in front of me. After a while I stopped listening and just looked at my beautiful mother, she really was beautiful everyone thought so. Her eyes were a perfect shade of Brown and twinkled when she laughed, and her hair was soft and the most amazing shade of black. She as the most amazing Mother anyone could ask for. Then a stupid drunk ruined everything. The cake shop was just round the corner and she was growing excitedshe always did when it came to cake buying. She would of got her cake if we hadn't of had to pass the alley we did every year but we didn't run past the alley like normal. I wish every day we had, every second of every day I wish we'd ran but I can't change the past. So we just walked talking about school when a crazy drunk jumped out from the alley and stabbed her. I screamed for help at the top of my voice, when the police tuned up with an ambulance the man ran. The policeman asked me what happened and if I was hurt, but all I could do was shake violently till I was sick. Then I saw them caring her into the Ambulance I ran and jumped in afer her. they didn't protest. They asked for her name and for mine, it took me a minute to answer but finally it ame out "Rose Darning and Jordan Darning" I reached for her hand, it was ice cold. I started shaking again and whispering her name over and over again.

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