The orphan


5. The boy down stairs

The old clock in the kitchen chimed, it was Midnight. It was strangly comforting to here the clock as since ten the house had been silent. Now I wasn't the only one awake as one of the children started crying, obviously woken by the clock. I waited aout ten mia nutes and when it didn't stop I decided I better go see what was wrong. The house was cold and dark, the worst kind of things when your walking in a huge house,alone.

Once I finally found my way to the room where the crying child was, I had another problem, he was hiding under his bed. The only way to talk to him was to climb under as well. "Who are you?"  I whispered.

"Charlie. I heard your the new big girl. Why are you here?"

"Well yes I am the new big girl Charlie, i'm here as my mum got hurt"

"My mummy didn't want me. Wll you be my new mummy?"

"Yes i'll look after you now shall I"

But he'd fallen asleep, right beside me. He mumbled in his sleep and moved around a lot and the floor was quit uncomfortable but eventually I feel asleep too.

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