To live ... and to die

A poem-something about what life and death is, and my thoughts and the protagonist's thoughts about it ... hope you enjoy ;) I wouldn't mind a comment or two :p


5. Survive



Sometimes I feel like one has to fight

because if you don't

life really becomes a struggle

Sometimes I feel like everyone has to live

or else nothing in this life will appear in colours

Sometimes I feel like it's too easy to stop

but it's always hard to go on

Sometimes I feel like

that is the whole purpose with life

When you see everyone around you

Trying hard to stay alive

Sometimes I feel like

it's unfair to stop your own life

because of your miseries

When they in Africa

are trying hard

to collect all the food they can

to survive

So why

I ask

do you give up

when someone with greater difficulties than you

are trying

with all their might and courage

to fight

to survive

to stay alive


So why, I ask again

do you feel stuffy

when it's stuffier


and crushingly painful

to stay alive in all poor countries

and they do it anyway?

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