Breezing through the pages of History

We do not die, we do not experience, we just feel and get carried away.


1. Authors' Notes:

This section will be completed by PregnantCatfish, Whitman, Rob and myself as we carry on through the book.


A fair amount of research is being put into the backbone of this book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much (or more) as we have whilst doing the research and writing.



Please use Wikipedia or Google if you come across a name you do not understand. There will be a few across the book (maybe one per chapter, maybe less, and rarely more). The story relies on the nature of the entities and I am sure that none of you will decline a bit of education during, what I expect will be, a fun read.



We do not claim that all parts of this story are historical fact.  Some may come close and some are just there for fun; this is, after all, a piece of creative writing.  




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