Love ain't for blacks

This is a story set in the 19th century about a man who is in those days, an outcast, a nobody, a black man who falls in love with the most forbidden person he could in those days.
A white woman who is the daughter to a rich powerful man.


3. The Present: December 1858

 Another freezing night without shelter. Looking back, to the crappy harvesting field that I was stuck at for so many years of my life and I realized that sleeping on dirty, muddy, freezing ground with people spitting on me is still somewhat better than at that god damn place. People pity me as they walk past and I hate it. I hate when I wake up with a mouth full of insects and the first time it happened, I spat and for about three weeks people would spit on me. I hate the way mud seeps through my clothes and into my ears. I hate when my kneecap wound opens up and starts bleeding again. I hate how people shoot at me as they walk past from the other side of the road and call me a nigger. I hate that Eden got away with it but mostly I hate the fact that I’ll probably never see Louise again. After a few years of laying on the floor, my dream came true. Louise walked past me with a look of compassion but I know she pitied me like everyone else. She started “dropping” tubs of food on the floor in front of me and saying that she couldn’t eat them anymore so she’ll just give it to me. The twits around believed Louise. She did this only once a month.  Now I had started to get more food in a week than I probably did in half of a year working for Carter. One time she dropped a small bucket of food at my lap and as I started thinking about rationing it but I saw a thin piece of wood at the bottom of the bucket which read;  

“Dear Kamau, I have enjoyed feeding you this food but I am afraid that Eden may be following me. We need to arrange a place where we can meet. Shall we meet at the place in the park we used to always talk about? The place which was hidden from most people at high noon every three days from today? I need to hear your voice again, for all I hear are the groans and shrieks of Eden complaining to people who have not organized our wedding. With my true apologies and love, Louise”  

All I could feel was my heart being gripped tightly. They’re getting married! Yet she still wants to meet me. I feel…….. I feel like vomiting at the idea of Louise being, Mrs Eden Graes. Ugh…… Horrible. I need to start eating. I mean, I need to throw something up, right?

As the stroke of noon on Tuesday, I arrive at the park, waiting to see Louise. I have realised that she probably has no choice in the matter. I hear a rustling in the distance. Wait is that her? Walking through the shrubs I see a woman hidden with a sheet covering the bottom half of her face. I recognize those hazel eyes and the velvety sway of her hair. Is it? It is! “Louise!” I scream. She takes off the sheet and shoots me a dirty look. “Not so loud, people might hear us and I can’t afford another close call like before.” My heart weakens and it must be obvious because Louise runs towards me and wraps her arms around me. “Who am I kidding? I missed you. You look awful, here are some clothes.” She handed me some clothes that looked expensive. I just looked at her, there was no possible way I could completely forgive her for what she is going to do.

“What’s wrong? Oh. It’s because I’m getting married isn’t it?” I nodded. “Well there’s nothing I can do you know. My life is hard you know. Besides if I don’t he might tell my father about what he saw.” I glared at her as I whispered; “What do you expect to gain from these meetings? Am I some toy and you’re just going to turn me into your father? You haven’t socialized with me for years and suddenly you want to talk. You’ve never walked past this street after I left but when I was with you, you constantly talked about this stupid place. Were you ignoring me or what?” “EXCUSE ME, KAMAU!” she said edgily. “Who the hell do you think you are? I risk my life just to see you and you accuse me of all this bogus crap that I have never lead you to believe.” She started to tear and my conscious started to awaken and released sorrow and guilt throughout my body. “I can’t believe this, ahhhh, what is your problem? If you think so lowly of me then what is the point of meeting me? You can get your own food from now on because you are horrible to me.” I couldn’t look her in the eyes as I said, as she began to leave; “I am sorry.” She stopped. “I have learnt to be more sceptical of people since I’ve been living on this muddy, rocky style of life and I have been planning this moment for a long time and something just came over me and I don’t know what to do and I’m lonely.” Louise turned around and I saw tears running down the side of her face. Her eyes were puffy and red, and I had not noticed till now the bruises and cuts on her arm and body. There was also a faint but large bruise on the left third of her face.  She started sobbing; “I hate the fields, I hate Eden. Eden abuses me and strikes me to the ground.” She took off the scarf. Hand marks around her neck.

She sprinted towards me and she cried into my shoulder for hours.

This relationship continued on for many weeks until one day.


I was waiting in the same place as usual when I heard a rustling and more than one voice.

I started to limp as quickly as possible.

Someone behind me threw something which made me trip and as I switched onto my back, I saw that it was Eden.

He pointed the shotgun at me and said; "You just don't get the message do ya nigger?"

I shut my eyes as I heard a bang. Then another one. Then a final one.

I opened my eyes and saw Louise standing there with a pistol and a bruise on her eyes. "I owed you one."


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