Love ain't for blacks

This is a story set in the 19th century about a man who is in those days, an outcast, a nobody, a black man who falls in love with the most forbidden person he could in those days.
A white woman who is the daughter to a rich powerful man.


1. Prologue; January 1858

As the dusk began to set on a Wednesday night in Austin, Texas, I laid on the muddy ground with a thin layer of tattered clothes with no sheets to cover me from the rain and 3 degree storms. 


My name is Kamau.  I am a 23 year old African-American who used to work as a slave for one of the rich American land-owners; Ian Carter. Mr Carter was 45. At the age of five, hundreds of men came in on ships to the part of Africa that I lived in.


My parents were killed alongside thousands of others. I was taken with my friends away from our normal lives and to a life of pain and torture.  

When I turned twelve, I would harvest food for our “master”, who let us wander the town of Austin for five minutes a week in groups of ten. We were escorted by workers of Mr Carter.


If we even stepped out of place we were shot. I slept with fifty other African-Americans in a barn with six barns in total. I was next to someone who had a grain of rice after starving for many years and he was shot straight through the heart without hesitation.


These conditions were monstrous but from the stories that I had heard from outsiders whilst wandering the town, it was a million times better than other slaves in neighbouring states. At the age of sixteen, I was working at the horse fields when I saw a carriage draw past. I glanced at the first of many opportunities to see Louise, Carter’s daughter. Carter and the Mrs’s had their daughter fourteen years ago but they would never let her come near any of us.


She had long blonde hair, sparkling hazel eyes and was a few inches shorter than I. It could’ve been my imagination but I’m sure every time I saw her after that day, she would stare at me with passion in her eyes. Three years ago I was thrown out on the street because he found no use for me. I can barely walk because one of his business partners destroyed one of my legs and since either no one would could or would heal me, I was stuck partially crippled because of my race.  


This is my story.


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