Love ain't for blacks

This is a story set in the 19th century about a man who is in those days, an outcast, a nobody, a black man who falls in love with the most forbidden person he could in those days.
A white woman who is the daughter to a rich powerful man.


4. Epilogue; April 1982

Louise and I had to skip town because a white woman kissing a black man and killing three white men. She motherwise just be killed then. We moved by train to the North where I had much more rights than back down South.

After a few years after leaving, we had our first boy; Louis and a year after that we had our first girl Kristen.

We kept in the shadows and our kids caught more of Louise's genes so they just looked like they had tanned skin. We ate just over average and we were content at the way our lives had turned out.

I guess not all things that have happened to a black men are bad.

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