The aftermath of the reckoning, the revelation, the apocalypse. A whole world has changed in the span of a single explosion, and the people within it struggle for survival in a wasteland that has very little to offer them. Humanity, love, struggle, hope, fear, desire, survival. Follow the journey of a group of people who either strive for the positive or fight against the negative.


1. The End of a Modern Era

The earth shook beneath Amaryl’s feet, planted as they were on the rolling soil.  Once-bright robes were tattered and torn, and dusty, empty bottles hung from a leather belt wrapped around his thin waist.  His cheeks were streaked with sweat and grime, a scruff of unshaven beard covering his jaw. Deep shadows lined his face, bringing out the brightness of his colorless eyes.  The expression playing across his features was one creased in horror, brows furrowed as he surveyed the destruction before him.

Amaryl placed the tip of his staff against the ground, and watched the world cave in on itself.

“What have I done,” he whispered.  The sun sank, a burning red ball in a nearly blackened sky.

It was the End of the World.  The Apocalypse.  The Revelation.

Amaryl’s eyes burned from the ash.  The dust from the quaking ground rose up to make him cough.  In the distance, he could see a great city falling to ruins, but the screams of the people who had lived there had long been silenced.  They had burned in the initial fires.  Black oily smoke rose from their remains, and flames licked the ashen sky.

He stepped forward, the smell of death and destruction filling his lungs.  He reached, as if to touch the burning horizon, but as his fingers stretched forward, the city crumbled.  He closed his fist, and the ground imploded.

Suspended in the air, held by his own dwindling force, he looked at the desecrated land and made up his mind.

With the last vestiges of his power, he swept his hands wide and the ground surrounding the gaping hole beneath his feet slowly clumped and hardened to form a massive, solid plateau.  His hands shook, and words began to appear on the surface of the rock below.  Sweat streaked his brow.

Fear the man who gives himself power The soldier who doesn’t weep The ruler who doesn’t hear The woman who doesn’t love. Never tempt the weak with strength Never destroy the world in order to change it. I raped the world, and I will spend Eternity in punishment, For I caused her great agony.

Then, as the last word carved itself into the stone, Amaryl signed his name, and added the starsign date.  His power left him, and he let out a cry as the stone swallowed him whole.

As the hard slate incased him, the earth stopped shaking.  All was quiet.

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