(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


27. Mia's Story Part 7:


   "And yeah, I totally broke that bitch's nose. It was like super awesome..." Jane slurs, brushing her brown hair out of her bloodshot eyes. She snickers, taking another large swig of alcohol from the bottle in her grasp.

   I laugh softly, looking away and shaking my head. Jane seems to be an amusing drunk. It's different with my mother, considering she's a miserable drunk. Although, she's already miserable without the it just gets ten times worse.

   "You're definitely wasted, Jane." I take a small sip of beer and look down at the cold pavement and gently kick an insignificant little rock out into the middle of the road.

   "I'm not wasted, silly! I'm just...content," she says with an offset smile, poking me on the nose.

   I slap her hand away and chuckle a little. "Whatever you say." 

   I look across the road at the shadowy woods, relieved to sense no presences lurking nearby. I twist my head around to make sure no one is listening in on our conversations or watching us, either. Although, I'm sure if someone was doing either of those things, they would have already approached us by now and snatched away our liquor--as if they really had a say in what we do.

   "I think yur a biiit more wasted than me..." Jane giggles, throwing her head into her lap. She's shaking with laughter and I can't help but join in a little. It can't hurt for me to have a laugh every great once in a while...a smile. I mean, it's not like anyone else is watching besides 'Drunk Jane'.

   We laugh for about five minutes straight as she clutches my shoulder, practically dying from it now, tears rolling down her cheeks. As the laughter finally dies down she pulls away and lifts the bottle back to her lips, drinking even more.

   I watch as she sets the bottle down roughly on the curb we're sitting on and it tumbles over. The glass hits the pavement, but doesn't break. Instead it rolls down into the middle of the road.

   "Oopsie!" Jane yells, clasping her hands over her mouth as she chuckles some more. I roll my eyes and her expression suddenly turns serious as she points to the bottle. "Hey...wannnna get that..uh..there? Fer me?" 

   "Nah." I shake my head in response and she sighs, beginning to lift herself up. She stumbles, grasping onto my shoulder for more balance.

   "You'll fall," I assure her.

   She lets out an overly exaggerated sigh, plopping herself back onto the curb and cranking her neck in my direction. "Mya," she starts, and I don't even bother to correct her, "What's it really like...yur life?"

   I sit there, stupefied by her question. I had no idea she would ask me something like that so flat out. I open my mouth to snap at her that it's no one else's business but mine, but I stop myself and stare at her blank look.

   "Well, I guess it really sucks....I mean....I guess it's complicated..." I admit, looking away. Silence arises in the thick air, causing me to look up at Jane's soft gaze. "Hah, or maybe it's simple." I laugh for a brief moment, keeping my eyes on hers. "I'm a murderer. A criminal," I pause, "A monster."

    Jane slowly begins to shake her head. "Why?" she asks, tilting her head in confusion. 

   I feel my lip begin to quiver a bit and I look down, "Everyone abandoned my mother and I when I was a lot younger...ever since then nothing's ever been good. My mother's a complete mess...she's always drinking and smoking...and doing drugs...and I...and I wish she would just fucking stop. She's slowly killing herself and I...I don't want her to leave me, too....I don't want her to die."

   I lick my lips and put my hands on my forehead and continue to look down, hiding my face in case any tears come. And of course, they're there. They're already slipping out of my eyes and sliding down my cheeks.

   I throw my head up and look straight at Jane, my soaked face out in the open for her to see. I don't care anymore. "My mother doesn't even have a job. We live in a frickin' shit hole and she thinks I have a job. But what she doesn't know is that my damn job is just a crime. I'm in a goddamn gang! I rob places. I do this with five other people-" I gulp, "It was six other people....but not anymore. The worst part about that I...I killed the guy that meant the most to me..." Tears are streaming down my cheeks like two waterfalls now and I pick up my half empty beer bottle and chuck it across the road. I watch as it smashes against a tree loudly, just like my heart.

   "Shawn....." I say aloud, staring at the rock in the middle of the road, wanting to choke myself with it. "Why did I fucking kill you?"

   "Whoo?" Jane questions, twirling her hair.

   "Shawn. I loved him. Too much. I don't deserve love. I didn't deserve him..but he wanted me...and I wanted him...and it just wasn't supposed to I had to get rid of it somehow.."

  Jane nods gradually, looking away. I sit there beside her, feeling beyond torn.

   I look to the left of me at her, grief filling my blue eyes, "Jane, I've never told anyone any of this before..I've kept it all to myself.....I really never have someone to tell these things to...but I'm glad I told someone...I'm glad I told you...even if you are drunk.." I smirk, feeling a little relieved.

   "You didn't just tell one person, you actually told two."

   My heart skips a beat as I sit completely still at the sound of another voice. A familiar voice. But it's not one that I want to hear right now, that's for sure.

   "I knew it. I just knew it. You and Shawn were in love. How adorable!" She cackles, standing right behind me.

   I can feel myself shaking with alarm as I lift myself up off the curb, turning around to face Brianna in her ripped mini shorts and tight, violet hoodie. I look straight at her devilish, grinning face and I'm trembling inside...with rage. I don't even know what to say this time. It's too late. She already knows...everything. All I'm able to manage angrily is, "What the hell are you doing here?"

   "You're not the only one who drinks, y'know," she says with an eye roll, pulling a heavy paper bag out of the front pocket of her hoodie.

   "Sorry. Let me rephrase that, what the hell are you doing stalking me?" I ask, leaning forward.

   "I'm not stalking you, idiot. I was eavesdropping for anything juicy about you. And boy, did I get exactly what I had hoped for." She smiles, her rotting teeth making me sick to my stomach--her only bad physical feature.

   "Well good for you, Brianna. But why don't you do yourself a favor and keep this shit to yourself, alright?"

   She gives me a sarcastically sympathetic look, tilting her head to the side. "Aww, you're afraid I'll tell people about your love story? Your life story, too?" She flutters her eyelashes with a sad, puppy-dog face.


   "Please, what makes you think I'll be able to shut up about this? I'm so very excited to share already," she interrupts, strutting over to Jane in her bright white Converse sneakers.

   "Yur gonna drink that..?" Jane asks, gripping her hands around the brown bag in Brianna's grasp.

   Brianna looks a little disgusted at Jane's drunken state, but more entertained by it than anything. She hesitates a moment before answering, "Sure. I'll be a doll and let you puke your brains out." She smiles kindly, releasing her grip around the bag as Jane quickly pulls it into her lap, lifting the bottle of alcohol out.

   "Oh, you're not gonna tell anyone about this, Bri," I press, the vein in my forehead popping as I move closer to her.

   "And what if I do?" she asks, acting clueless. She puts her hands into the pocket of her sweatshirt casually, not a trace of fear among her face.

   I suddenly become agitated, pulling the pistol from my pocket, going to point it at her. Just as I do so, Bri pulls a butcher knife out of her hoodie, yanks Jane up off the curb and puts it up against her neck, the bottle of whiskey slipping right from Jane's hands.

   We stand there, my gun to Bri's head and her knife to Jane's neck.

   "Woah. Big knife. Big knife!" Jane screeches, panicking as she looks down at the butcher knife grazing her skin.

   Brianna smiles excitedly at me from right behind Jane, not seeming to care that a gun is to her head. "Go ahead, Mia. Kill me. Kill me right now. You'll be left alone peacefully, beside two dead bodies. Now wouldn't that be a scene you'd adore?"

   I just wanna get rid of this bitchy whore so badly right now, but I can't risk losing Jane along with her. Plus, killing another one of my own gang members probably won't look too good.

   "Put the knife down, Bri," I say as slowly and calmly as possible.

   She looks utterly confused. "What? Put the knife down? So you can kill me and not let me have any enjoyment with this before I visit Hell?"

   "You won't be visiting'll be living in Hell, dumb fuck..." Jane mumbles, causing Brianna to press the knife against her neck with a little more force. Jane winces in response to the motion.

   "I meant if you put down the knife, I'll put down the gun," I state, still keeping a firm grip on the pistol and an eye on Brianna.

   "Why would I trust you? It seems to be quite a hobby of yours pulling that trigger, Mia," Brianna says, raising a brow.

   We stand there for another minute, deep tension building between us.

   Finally, I put my gun down by my side. Although, Brianna keeps her knife placed against Jane's neck.

   "There. Now put the knife down," I say smoothly.

   "Still don't trust you," She sing-songs, cocking her head to the side as her wavy blonde hair falls into her face.

   I take a deep breath, clearly irritated and put the gun back into my pocket. I cross my arms and stare at her.

   She leisurely removes the knife from Jane's neck, freeing her to run by my side, stumbling over the curb.

   "There. Happy now?" Brianna asks, practically spitting at us.

   "After I make something clear to you," I say. "You're gonna keep this to yourself, okay? If not, you'll surely be off to Hell sooner than you think." I pat the pocket where I put my pistol away and Brianna purses her lips for a moment as she processes my request.

   "Alright. Whatevs," she says with a mark of disappointment. She looks down at the knife in her hand, sliding a finger down the sharp blade. Blood drips from the new, fresh cut and she grins, biting her lip.

  "What the fuck..?" Jane murmurs, cringing as she watches Brianna squeeze more blood out of her finger. However, it doesn't faze me at all. "Why does she have a big knife, again? Freak.."

   "Oh, this is only my favorite butcher knife. I've killed exactly several people with it. You'd think it'd be pretty dull by now, but it's not. Then again, I do take my time sharpening it and all that fun stuff." She puts her finger in her mouth, sucking up the blood as if she were a vampire.

   Jane and I both look disgusted here, causing Bri to cackle once more before turning away. "Byee, girls." She fluffs her bleach blonde hair and winks before heading away, placing the knife back into her pocket.

   "That....motherfucking hoe!" Jane yells, crossing her arms. 

   I laugh, nodding in agreement. "You got that right."


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