(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


32. Lily's Story Part 8:


   The car door on my side swings open, revealing two slim legs wearing lace stockings that go up beneath a jet black skirt. Her long sleeves are also made of lace, unattached to the low cut, thin cami. A long, argent chain is hanging around her neck with a cross on the end, falling right into her cleavage. It's almost as if she blends right in with the dark, causing her pale skin to stand out immensely.  

   "Are you coming?" She asks eagerly. "You're already late enough as it is for your audition."

   I continue to sit there in the driver's seat, my head laid back gently with my arms placed by my sides. I stare out the front windshield with wide eyes.

   "I'm terrified." I whisper softly.

   Lola leans down to look at me, rolling her blue eyes dramatically. "Lily, it's just a stinkin' audition for a high school play. It's not that scary. You're talking to a ghost. That's by far sketchier than anything else."

   I close my eyes and sigh, "I'm talking about the ride here." She looks puzzled, "You scared the living daylights outta me!" 

   She smirks, holding in a chuckle. "Oh, Lily. You're so fragile." Her hand reaches out and rustles my hair and I quickly rush to smooth it out. 

   Lola begins walking over to the school, stepping up onto the sidewalk in her tall, black stilletos. She flips her long blonde locks over her shoulder casually, walking in perfect sync with the glossy bounce of her hair. 

  Grabbing my script with one hand, I step out of my car onto the pavement. My flats hit the ground with a softer click clack than my twin sister's high heels. 

   I gently shut the car door and lock it with my key, hurrying after Lola.

   "Are you sure they're gonna let me audition?" I ask, breathing the slightest bit heavier than usual. My palms are getting kind of sweaty due to how nervous I actually am.

   "Lily, you will make them let you. That is, if they say no in the first place. I mean, come on. They need you in this production. You'll be the star of the show." She looks at me and winks with a confident smirk. 

   Suddenly, Lola disappears through the large doors of the school. I turn my head as I continue to walk, slamming right into the glass. I stumble backwards and grab my throbbing forehead. 

   I look through the glass doors to see Lola laughing her ass off. Although that really hurt, I can't help but crack a smile myself. 

   She floats back out through the door and grasps her stomach in hysterics. "L.O.L!" She exclaims, using social network lingo. "You should've seen that! It was hilarious! Hahah, you're face was all like-" she stops laughing for two seconds to act out an over dramatic shocked expression. It's not long before she bursts back into more amusement. 

   "Hey," I start, trying to hold back giggles, "I just forgot that I couldn't float through walls, like you." She laughs even harder and I smile warmly. 

   Being able to see my sister laugh like that is really special, since I never got the chance to when she was alive.

   "The luxuries of being a ghost." She smirks and rises off her feet, into the air. 

   I look up at her, hovering a foot off the ground and grin playfully, "Oh, I'm so jealous." I guess, in a twisted way, I am kinda jealous of her ghostly powers. 

   "Hah, well sucks for you. You gotta open the door 'cause you're not as fly as muah." She winks and drifts back through the doors.

   "I'm not as fly as you?" I laugh to myself, pushing open the heavy door.

   The sound of my shoes hitting the white tiled floor echo around me in the spacious foyer of the school building. Glass showcases are lined up against the wall on my right hand side. A variety of different art projects made by various students are spaced out inside. 

   A massive American flag is hanging high above my head from the top of the wall. Through the windows on my left, I can see that no one is currently working in the main office. The lights are off, creating a vast amount of darkness.

   I turn the corner, heading down a newly carpeted hallway. They recently touched up the place and fresh carpeting was one of the things our school was granted. 

   As Lola's gliding ahead of me, she finally sets her self back on two feet and continues walking over to the main doors of the theater. Just as she does, the doors are thrown open and Mr. Jackson walks out, fixing his gray fleece coat over his broad shoulders. 

   I come to a sudden halt, watching as he steps right through Lola and looks up to see me. 

   "Oh, why hello there, Lily." He says, looking rather surprised by my appearance this late. 

   I swallow the nervous lump in my throat and speak up, "Oh, uh, hi Mr. Jackson...I'm sorry..I know I'm really late..but.....I would like to audition for the play-" 

   The theater doors fly open once again, this time letting out the petite looking blonde with a mean looking face, "Lily? What are you doing here this late?

   "Uhm..I just came to audition..I'm sorry..I know I'm late..I just lost track of time....." I glance away, pushing a strand of long blonde hair behind my right ear, revealing a blue topaz diamond, my birth stone. My grandmother gave me the pair of earrings for my birthday last year. 

   Amanda cackles obnoxiously and gives Mr. Jackson a look, even though he's facing me. "You came this late and expect to still be able to audition? Seriously, you must have some guts." 

   I open my mouth to plead, apologize, or say something, but no words come out. I can feel my eyes burning, holding back tears of embarrassment. 

   "Amanda, it's okay." Mr. Jackson assures kindly. 

   "But, I mean, it's better that you even showed up at all, right?" Amanda laughs shortly, attempting to change what she had said around so that Mr. Jackson would be pleased. 

   "I'm really sorry..." I say daintily, "It's too late. I can always try out for next year's musical, though." I fake a smile, then look down at my shoes. I have just lost all my courage to be able to face them any longer.

   "Hmph, yeah. See you next year, if you're not late again." Amanda shrugs, hiking her pink leather bag up over her shoulder and moving right past me. She stops and turns for a moment, her features softening. "Buh-bye, Mr.Jackson! See you Monday!"

   She smiles gleefully with sparkles in her eyes before she turns away again.

   "Lily, come on! Don't just let them not let you audition! Make them give you a chance! You didn't come all this way, risking your life for nothing. Get on your knees and beg if you have to!" Lola's suddenly standing beside me, yelling.

   I just stand there, watching as the drama teacher checks his cell phone and Amanda texts loudly on hers from behind me. "Make them let you audition! Now!" Lola presses, nudging me forward.

   "Wait!" escapes my mouth and my cheeks turn bright red. Mr. Jackson looks up from his phone and Amanda stops and turns, raising her brows with annoyance.

   "Please...can you just give me one'll be quick....please?" I gulp, praying that he'll say yes.

   He checks the time on his phone once more before saying, "Well...I guess one last audition couldn't hurt. Amanda, follow me back into the theater." He snaps his fingers, turning around.

   "But Mr. Jackson, the others already left.." she says, referring to the other co-directors. 

   "That's fine." he says, causing Amanda to roll her eyes.

   I smile happily, extremely relieved and Lola grins at me. We both head into the theater as Amanda and Mr. Jackson take their seats right in front of the stage. 

   I stand under the bright lights, squinting nervously. I'm the only one on the stage, other than Lola, and I feel myself starting to shake the slightest bit. 

   "So what are part of the script are you going to be acting out for us?" Amanda asks sharply. 

   I freeze, the question repeating in my mind over and over again with confusion. 

   "Hello? Act what, scene what?" She snaps again, making me realize I need to respond.

   "Oh...well I was just wondering if I could audition to be the pianist..." I bite my lip, afraid of the directors being frustrated with me by this point.

   "Oh..Lily, I'm sorry, but we already have a pianist.." says Mr. Jackson. He looks deeply sorry for me.

   "Oh.........." is all I can manage. I'm mentally facepalming myself. What now? I can't act in front of these people for anything. That would be suicidal. 

   "Come awn. Pick a scene, now." Amanda says, clearly getting tired of me. 

   "Lilyyyyy! Act! Go! Act two, Scene seven!" Lola shouts, putting even more pressure on me. 

   I can feel myself beginning to sweat under the hot lights, and I shut my eyes tightly, hoping when I open them I won't be here on this stage any longer. But when I do open my eyes, I'm still right there on that stage. 

   Amanda rolls her eyes and drops her pen onto the table. "She obviously can't do it. This was such a waste of time." 

   Suddenly, I feel an incredibly strange force push down on my back and I quickly get into position, hands right down by my sides and my head facing towards the ground.

   I throw my head up, my eyes glowing deviously and a chilling scowl on my face. "Who does that little rat think she is? I mean, come on! Who would ever choose her over me? I'm beautiful! I'm rich! I'm the one that he loves! ...But that stupid hussy is always interfering." I cackle, crossing my arms and shaking my head slowly. 

  "She'll never understand him like I do....." The dead air rises for a moment, until I abruptly drop down onto my knees like a rag doll, falling onto my hands. I snicker quietly, attempting to stand. I take a deep breath before forcing myself up onto both feet, staring out into the nonexistent crowd as I grasp my shirt where my heart is. 

   "If only...he was wise enough to realize that I'm the one he's supposed to be with..if only he wasn't so damn blind." I stumble to the side, all the way over to the right hand side of the stage and lean against the wall.

   My eyes are glimmering with wet tears as I pretend to reach inside my back pocket for something, pulling out an imaginary pistol. 

   I smirk, rolling to the side as I act like I'm loading it. I even make the 'click' sound with my tongue. I rush my hand through my hair and laugh again, pushing myself forward as I walk to the center of the stage. 

   "He belongs to Me." I stare at the gun in my palms, "But..if I can't have him...if he'll never have the eyes to see who his love truly is..after I've done everything I could do to try and make him understand.." I put the gun right up to my head and close my eyes gently. "Then I'm done." I whisper softly.

   Suddenly, I stomp my foot against the stage loudly, causing the directors to jump at the sudden noise echoing around them. I throw myself around, dropping straight to the stage as I let my body go limp. I lie there, crumpled up with my eyes open like a dead body. The theater goes completely silent.

   Right then Mr. Jackson stands up and begins to clap with a smile stretching across his face from cheek to cheek. "Bravo! Bravo! That was a fantastic performance, Lily! I am ecstatic!"

   He continues to clap and Amanda slowly begins to do so, too. She still looks fazed by what she had just seen right before her eyes, like it was one of the most bizarre experiences of her life. 

   I feel that heavy force on me again, except I feel as though it's left my body somehow. I have no idea what it was...or what the hell just happened. Did I seriously just act...all of that...out in front of Mr. Jackson and Amanda? There's no way...but they seemed to love it.....hah...they seemed to love it..

   I blink, sitting up as I begin to smile shyly. I really did it, I think to myself. I'm not sure how, but I did.

   I look to the side of me, seeing Lola standing there applauding me with a smirk on her face. 

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