(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


24. Lily's Story Part 6:


   I walk through the front door of my mansion, gazing around the open foyer. I let my bag slip off my shoulder, letting it lean itself against the wall.

   "Dad, I'm home..!" I yell, my voice echoing throughout the large area. No one answers my call. I continue to walk further into the open room, spotting a letter on the small, glass coffee table.

   I move over to the table, looking down at the envelope with my name scrawled across the front in black cursive letters. I pick it up and peel the red sticker off the back, folding the top up. I pull out a small note and hold it before my eyes.

   "Dear Lily,

          As you read this, I am currently out running some errands. Head to the dining room, I left you a little gift (and some good ol' soup :D)

                         Love, Dad


   I smile warmly at my father's heartwarming letter for me. A gift? I place the scraps back onto the coffee table and make my way to the expansive dining room. A small box wrapped in glossy white wrapping paper with a purple ribbon is sitting on the long, dark wood tabletop. There's a small bowl of steamy soup set on a small, china dish right beside it.

   I pick up the present, slowly unraveling the ribbon from the box and letting it slip through my fingers onto the table. I rip the wrapping paper off, a little white container becoming visible.

   I lift the top from the container, revealing a lovely silver polished necklace with a cursive L attached. I bite my lip with joy as I carefully take it out of the box. It glistens in the dim lights from the chandelier. "It's beautiful.." I think aloud.

   "It is beautiful..."

   I quickly turn around, startled at the sound of another voice. Why do people sneak up on me like this all the time?

   "L for both Lily and Lola." She says with a soft grin. I don't know how to respond. I mean, not to be rude, but I'm sure my father got this necklace for me not her.

   "What do you want, now..?" I blurt, not even making an effort to greet her.

   "Look, Lily. I'm sorry about last night.." Lola says, her eyes looking more tired than usual. "I just..."

   "Left me alone in a dark mansion?" I finish for her. She sighs heavily.

   "I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just got...well....I needed some time to myself. It's still hard to think about, y'know." She responds, showing a bit of annoyance that I would even think to be mad at her.

   That's when my features soften, "Oh, I-I'm sorry...I forgot....well, I mean...I just don't understand what's going on.." I sigh, looking down at the necklace I'm twirling between my fingers.

   "It's fine, Lily. I'm ready to explain.." She takes a deep breath and looks at the floor before looking back into my eyes.

   "Lola, are you sure you want to talk about it..?" I ask, noticing how she seems reluctant to do so.

   She nods, "Lily, either way you have to know."

   I stand there silently looking down at the necklace. She's correct, I do have the right to know about what's going on.

   "Did your dad-" She pauses for a sec, shaking her head, "Did Dad ever mention anything about me to you?" She looks at me hopefully, like she's wishing the answer would be a 'yes', but unfortunately that's not the case.

   I shake my head, slowly. She looks away for a moment, feeling a little hurt. "Did Mom ever say anything about me?" I suddenly blurt, causing Lola to fix her eyes back on mine.

   "No, she didn't.."

   "Then how'd you find out about me?" I ask, unhooking the silver clasp on the necklace.

   "Actually, I found out completely on my own." She admits, striding out of the dining room to the living room. I turn around, following her along the cream colored Persian rug.

   "Well, one day after school I came home and my mom was still at work.." She starts, setting herself down on the long white couch and crossing her legs. "I was bored. Had nothing to do." She says with a shrug.

   "What about your homework?" I question, sounding like such a geek. I clasp the necklace back together around my bare neck.

   She waves her hand with a guffaw, "Homework? I said screw homework."

   "Oh." I reply, not knowing what else to say. I want her to continue her story.

   "Anyways, I'm a curious girl so, I decided to take a look down in the basement," She says. I wait for her to prolong. "I was never allowed down there, but that made me even more curious. I headed down to the basement, taking a look around. I found a lot of cool stuff, like antique compasses and was interesting."

   I stand there, awaiting the part where she finds out about me.

   "So I started walking further through the basement-when one of the lights went out. I couldn't see where I was going and I tripped over something."

   "What did you trip over..?" I ask.

   "I don't know." She shrugs like it doesn't make a difference, "But I fell onto an old bedside table and both of us went crashing to the floor. One of the drawers flung open, causing a shiny case to fall out beside me. There was a stream of light from outside glowing on the case from the small window in the wall. The case had golden edges and the glassy top was covered in dust. No one had touched it in ages." She says, leaning back against the couch while looking down at her knees. She talks as if she's reading right out of a book she's written.

   "What was it?" I question, becoming more interested as the suspense rises.

   "I picked it up," She begins, ignoring me, "and tried to open the case, but there was a lock on it. I didn't wanna smash it because I was weary that it would break whatever was inside. It felt light and sounded like there was some stuff in there when I held it by my head. At this point, I had to open it." She says forcefully, "Luckily, I had two bobby pins in my hair to pull my bangs out of my face. I ripped one out and shoved it into the lock, jiggling it around until it popped. I smiled with pride, opening the lid. I saw a ton of baby pictures and photos of Mom with two similar looking kids. She was with a man with light brown hair and blue eyes...Dad." She sits up straighter, smoothing out her dress.

   I look at her, seeing how she feels a little uncomfortable, like she's trying to hold back tears. I'm about to ask if she's alright, but she spoke before I could.

     "And that's when I started to do research on my family..I knew my mom was hiding something from me. She would never even talk about Dad, no mention of another kid. So, I wasn't just gonna run right up and ask her about it."

   "You didn't tell her?" I ask.

   "Well, I did tell her-about two weeks later. And by then I had found your birth certificate. That's how I knew you truly existed. So I put my mom to the test and asked her if she was hiding anything in particular about our family to me. She said no. Then I asked if I had any siblings. She still said no. I told her that she could tell me about anything, now that I was older and she just responded with, 'What are you trying to get at?' I pulled out the small case from behind my back and held it in front of me. She stared at the box in shock, it was like her heart had stopped beating for a moment." She snickers, "It was very obvious that she didn't want me to find that case, but too damn bad for her 'cause I did. She quickly asked me where I got it and I told her the basement. She said to go put it back where I found it and that it meant nothing. So, I took your birth certificate that I printed and held it before her eyes. She looked at your name smacked it out of her view."

   I'm so into the story that I'm not even aware my mouth is hanging wide open in surprise. My mom doesn't sound like my dad at all...he wouldn't act like that or even lie to me. But then again, I guess he already did lie to me by not telling me I had a twin sister. Although, I guess I never asked.

   "She yelled saying it meant nothing and I yelled back that she was a liar. She stood up and told me to forget about it, a lot calmer, and to go to my room and do my homework for once. I slammed the case down onto the coffee table and backed away, telling her that I was gonna go find you." She pauses to acknowledge me, "And she said, 'Oh no you're not!' I said, 'Oh yes I am!' and ran out the front door, down the driveway. She stepped out onto the porch and yelled, 'You get back here right now, young lady!' I didn't listen, of course. I just walked even faster, walking into the road." She takes a deep breath before continuing, "I guess I wasn't paying attention too much, until I heard my mother scream bloody hell and I turned to see a huge truck about two feet away from me. I felt myself being hit for a split second, my bones cracking all at once. And that's when everything went black."

   I stand there mute, not knowing what to say. My twin sister who I had never even gotten the chance to meet was hit by a truck. A tear slides down my cheek and without instinct, I run over and hug her tightly. "I'm so sorry, Lola. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry that it's my fault this happened and I'm sorry that I've been a jerk to you and-and-"

   "Lily, calm down," She chuckles. "It's so not your fault. I'm the idiot that walked into the road."

   I pull back a little and wipe my eyes, "Why are you laughing?"

   "Because I'm stupid. Seriously, how could I not see that giant truck?" She rolls her eyes playfully, but I don't find any of this amusing.

   "If you hadn't known about me you wouldn't have tried to find me and gotten in the accident!" I yell.

   "Lily, no. Just..don't think about it that way. Everything doesn't revolve around you, y'know." She narrows her eyes and my throat clenches. I look at her with guilt and sorrow. "I'm kidding." She says, tilting her head down.

   I look away, still feeling like this is partially my fault.

   "But on the bright side, I came back as a ghost and am able to visit you whenever I want!" She exclaims, spreading her arms out wide.

   "Why can I only see you..?" I wonder.

   "Well, to be one hundred percent honest, I'm really not sure." She shakes her head and shrugs, clueless. "Maybe God wanted to give me a chance to visit you."

   My eyes sparkle, "So God does exist?" I can't believe I actually just asked that, considering I've never even had the least bit of doubt that he didn't exist.

   "I don't know yet," She says, "All I know is that my entire life flashed before my eyes after the blackout and then when everything became clear, I was looking down at my crippled body in the middle of the blood was everywhere. The truck driver was beside my body, rushing his hand through his hair in panic as my mother stood a few feet away, crying in agony. She was covering her face with her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. She kept taking a peek through her fingers at me dead, becoming silent for half a second, then covering her face again, scarred from the scene." I can hear her voice shaking and see her eyes watering. Looking at her like this makes my bottom lip quiver. "I sat beside her and wanted to tell her to stop crying, but the scene was so disturbing that it was impossible for anyone not to be disgusted, let alone my mother. The police and ambulance all showed up, surrounding me, carrying my body into the back of an ambulance."

   Tears were slowly streaming down both of our faces now, and I had my arms wrapped around her in an embrace. The image had settled in my mind by this point.

   "My boyfriend, Nick was there, too..." She suddenly bursts into a huge sob, burying her face in my shoulder. "He was crying and screaming, saying that it wasn't true-that what he was seeing wasn't real. He fell to his hands and knees, repeating that it wasn't real. Everyone had gathered around him, rubbing his back, trying to comfort him. He kept saying that he didn't treat me well enough and that he was sorry. So so sorry. I sat beside him, crying, telling him that he was the best guy a girl could ever have. Telling him he was perfect. Telling him that every single moment I had spent with him were the best moments of my life."

   She sobs into my shirt for a while before she's run out of anymore tears to shed. She sits back up, rubbing her eyes.

   "I couldn't bear it long enough, so I flew off somewhere else, realizing I was a ghost. Some of my friends were at the scene, but some hadn't gotten the memo. They were just chilling and hanging out at home as I stood beside them, yelling and screaming at them to look at me. But they didn't. They ignored me...because they couldn't see me." She wipes her eyes with her sleeve and I hug her tighter, "I don't know how long it was before I visited everyone and all...and got over everything..I had become more aware of the fact I was now a ghost, and I found it pretty awesome. That's when I decided to visit you." She looks up at me smiling and I return the gesture. "I didn't even think about it until later that you could see me. I guess I was just so relieved that you could," I notice the crack in her voice as she tries not to burst into tears of happiness, "...that I didn't bother to question you. I just told myself that I was lucky and I should embrace the fact that I still had someone..had you."


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