(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


8. Lily's Story Part 2:


   "Now, we're going to be writing an essay on a rather interesting topic next," my English teacher, Mrs. Cullison says, clasping her hands together. The rest of the class moans dramatically at the word essay.

  "Oh, stop moaning. You're lucky I'm not making you write a three page essay on tumbleweeds," she snaps in response.

   "Well, what's the topic?" someone asks, leaning back in their seat.

   "You're going to write a two page essay on the paranormal and what you think about it. For example, do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?" 

   "Can we write about whether we believe there are aliens out there or not?" one kid pipes in.

   Mrs. Cullison nods gradually, "Yes..that's fine too, Billy." 

   "Yes!" he shouts, fist punching the air.

   I'm not exactly sure I like this topic, honestly. It makes me feel weird...especially since lately I've been having this strange feeling that someone's watching me. Not to mention yesterday, when I saw that must've just been my imagination..or maybe a dream or something..but it felt so real..

   "Hey Lily," I turn my head to face Alanna, "did you hear about what happened at that guitar shop in in Canton?"

   I shake my head, having heard nothing of the sort.

   "Well, it was on the news this morning. Apparently, some dude threw a stink bomb in there, causing all the customers to collapse. All the money from the cash register was stolen, gun shots were heard, and a boy was found murdered on the floor with a bullet in his head and a pistol beside him." She sighs heavily, "They don't know who did it yet, either.."

   I look down at my desk, which has dirty words scrawled all over it. I don't know how I'm supposed to respond. Murder isn't something I like to talk about..or even think about for that matter. I get chills up my spine just thinking about it, like I know how it feels for some reason. I feel like I have some sort of memories about murder...but, that's impossible.

   "What do you think happened when that boy died, Lily?" Alanna asks curiously. I look up at her, not understanding the question.

   "Um..what do you mean..?" I ask.

   "What do you think happened to his soul?" she clarifies, tilting her head to the side.

   What the heck is she talking about? I wonder. I notice her eye brows rise, waiting for a response. "Well..his soul probably went to heaven, I guess.." I say softly.

   "What if he killed someone..or his self?" she questions. "Killing yourself is considered murder, too." 

   I hesitate before responding, "Well then.....his soul went to hell....if..he did murder someone.." 

   Alanna narrows her eyes on mine. "What if God doesn't exist, along with the devil..? What if there really is no heaven or hell?"

   I part my lips, but I have nothing ready to say. That thought makes me feel uncomfortable.

   "Well..?" she demands.

   "I..I don't think that way, sorry," I mumble, turning away from her. I don't want to talk about this anymore. 

   "Did you ever think that maybe after someone dies, their soul stays here on Earth and that's why ghosts exist?" I can feel her eyes burning a hole in the side of my head. Does she need to stare at me so intensely? Geez....

   "No, I guess I didn't that..but still, everyone thinks think your way and I'll think mine." I smile at her warmly, trying to lower any awkward tension.

   "Hah, interesting conversations you and your friends have, Lily."

   I whip my head around to see the girl from my imagination sitting cross-legged on the empty desk behind me. My mouth goes suddenly dry. That has to be real. 

   "What's wrong, Lily? You look a little petrified today, aha." She smirks, observing her cuticles. 

   "You--you again..." I murmur beneath my breath, unable to take my eyes off her. When did she get here?!

   "Uh, again." She waves briefly with a sarcastic grin. 

   "But..who..?" I'm practically speechless as I study her. Everything about her genetics is practically a complete replica of my own. Everything but her style and attitude relates to me.

   "Lola," she answers, "The name's Lola. Sorry, I didn't get the chance to mention that the last time we met. That cutie interrupted me." She winks with a small laugh. 

   Cutie? What is she talking she talking about Jay? 

   Right when I realize that, my cheeks turn bright red. She's right, though. He really is a cutie. But I hope she wasn't somehow there watching us together. The thought makes me feel uncomfortable again. I don't like the thought of being watched. 

   "Awweh, does my twinny have a wittle crush?" She makes a baby face, leaning forward to tease me. What am I supposed to say. What the hell is going on?

   "I don't understand what's happening," I blurt quietly, my blue round eyes widened as I look at her. 

   "Neither does that girl," she points to Alanna. "Or the rest of your class." She shrugs with an 'oops'  expression slapped across her face. 

   I gulp, having forgotten completely about everyone around me. I slowly and awkwardly turn back around, coming face to face with a classroom full of people staring at me like I'm crazy. 

   "Who were you talking to, Lily?" Alanna whispers curiously.

   My heart speeds up and I glance around the room with my pupils, panicking. I can't take it! Too much attention! My body begins to shake nervously as Mrs. Cullinson approaches me cautiously. 

   "Lily, are you alright, dear?" She says this, chuckling a little bit. Everyone continues to stare, some even giving each other looks. 

   "I was talking to-" I turn around and Lola's gone. "What..? But she was just-" At that moment, the bell rings, causing me to jump. Everyone rises from their seats, mumbling things like "Weirdo" and "Freak"  to their friends. 

   I stare at the empty space behind me, wondering where she went. Maybe I really am losing it.

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