(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


25. Jane's Story Part 7:


   It's dark outside now, the street lights turned on and the colorful shop signs have lit up. The bright radiance of the Open sign on the small coffee shop behind me is casting a deep red glow on the side of my face.

   I press the unlock button on my cell phone for about the fifth time in the past five minutes, checking the time. 8:20 PM. I lean back against the old bench, another thin piece of green paint chipping off and twirling to the ground.

   I've been extremely anxious to get this fake ID from Mia...but I can't help but worry that she won't show up. Although, I arrived here early, since we're supposed to meet here at 8:30 PM. I sigh, deciding not to worry so much. I'm just eager to drink up some whiskey...

   I sit there, resisting the urge to look at my phone again. As I try to think of something else to distract me, my thoughts wander to when Johnny turned around and tried to butt into my conversation with Alanna. It just didn't make sense.

   He's the one who told me that he never wanted to talk or see my face ever again. I roll my eyes. That's actually really annoying. I wonder if he regrets it...wants to take it back. Maybe he really already misses me. Either way, it's not like it makes a difference.

   He put me in a bad position already and he certainly cannot just take that back. I won't let him take me back, just so he can break my heart once more.

   I mean, I do miss him more than ever, but I'm also certainly not going to let him use me like that. I'd look pathetic.

   I accidentally let out a little snort. I'd look pathetic? Oh please, who am I trying to fool? I'm already a mess. And unfortunately, I don't see myself getting out of it this time. I believe my conscience has already decided my path with myself. I've finally hit rock bottom and there's no way I'm gonna get back to the surface any time soon.

   But I mean, maybe if I'm lucky I can make a new friend. Lately, Alanna's really the only person that seems to care enough to even acknowledge me. But if she even dares to start conversing with my ex, well then you can just scratch her right off the list of potential friends.

   Suddenly, I snap back to reality, noticing that it's 8:33 PM. I look up, feeling this eery presence close to me.

   I whip my head around to find Mia standing beside the bench, just staring at it with this look of sorrow flooding her gaze. 

   "Mia.." I say, lifting myself up onto my feet. Her dreary eyes move up to mine.

   "Hi...Jane." Her eyes land back on the bench and I awkwardly push a strand of stringy brown hair behind my ear. She seems to be having some sort of memory, if my observations are correct.

   "Is everything alright?" I ask, feeling a little bit worried.

   "Yeah. Fine." She lies, hesitating before looking back up at me. I can tell something is bugging her. 

   I'm about to ask if she's sure because I want her to tell me what's wrong..but instead I just nod my head and say, "Oh." not wanting her to get angry at me. 

   She reaches deep into the pocket of her long, black coat and retrieves a small card with my picture on it. The name Eve Monroe is printed above the photo, fake information such as my age and license are also beside it. 

   "I got your school photo from Facebook. I'm not a creeper, don't worry. I'm just helping you out." She states, lifting the false ID in the air. 

   My entire face lights up as I reach for the card, "Yes! Thank you so much! You're awesome!" I say, but she moves the ID out of my range. My smile fades, wondering what the cost is for this. I hadn't even thought about that part. 

   "Before I give this to you-" she says, "I want to ensure that we're not just strangers and businessmen, but friends."

   I'm really shocked when she tells me this. She wants to make sure we're friends? She wasn't exactly the friend I was expecting..but it's better than no friends at all though, right? 

   "Uh, yeah...I already think of you as a new friend." In as of the last ten seconds, I think with a friendly smile. 

   "Well then do you wanna have a drink together or something?" she asks with a smirk. 

   My eyes glimmer, "Yeah, sure! I mean, I'll even buy you one-since you gave me the one for your mother yesterday." I say, grinning happily. 

   "You don't have to. I've got plenty of cash to spend." She says.

   I shake my head in disagreement, "Oh, come on. It'll be a great way to test out my new ID!"

   She hesitates and then sighs. "Fine. Whatever. Even though I've got money to buy myself one." She shrugs, looking annoyed. 

   I suddenly feel awkward for forcing her to let me buy her a drink, even though I know it's the fair thing to do. But for some reason she seems to want to use her money badly. 

   "Hah, you make it sound like you're rich or something.." I say with a shaky laugh.

   She snickers, "I wouldn't exactly call myself rich. I've just got cash that I earned with a lot of hard work. So, it feels good to spend my well earned money on something nice like a cold drink." She shoves her hands into her pockets as a strong breeze goes by. Her pink hair covers her face for a moment, until the wind has passed. 

   "What's your job?" I ask. I hope I don't sound too intolerable. She just shrugs, clearly not wanting to share. I hesitate a moment before changing the subject, "Do you ever go to any bars?"

   She nods her head with a mini shrug like it's no big deal. "Yeah, why? You wanna go to one?"

   "Can we?" My eyes sparkle with both hope and excitement. 

   She laughs, looking away. "I don't think you're bad enough to handle it." 

   My insides twist and I feel offended by her rough choice of words. "I'm not bad enough?" I question, narrowing my eyes.

   "There's a lot of tough people at bars and there's always a fight. You're just not prepared." She responds, lifting a brow. 

   I flop back onto the bench, practically slipping right off. "Why are you such a rebel?" I ask, sounding whiny, "Why can't I be like that?" 

   "You want to be like me?" she jeers, looking down at me, eyes glowing with amusement. 

   "Yeah...I want people to be afraid to push me around. I want people to hide their faces in their text books instead of laugh when I walk into a classroom. I want to be able to defend myself. I want to seem tougher, show Johnny that he messed with the wrong girl and he's never gonna mess with me again. Show me-show me how you are able to act like such a...such a badass!" I just let my thoughts spill out and she looks more amused and excited than shocked or irritated. 

   "You don't want to be like me." She wipes her upper lip with her thumb even though nothing was on it.

   "Mia, if we're gonna be friends we're both gonna be rebels." I say.

   "How do I know if I can trust you?" She wonders.

   "Please, I have nobody else to go to and I'm already a mess. Make me stronger." 

   She moves closer, but doesn't make any motion to take a seat beside me on the bench, "You want to be able to fight? You want to be able to shoot a bullet through someone's head without feeling bad? You want to be able to get what you want however you want? You want violence? You want to be part of a gang? To have people fear you? Have no one mess with you? Is that really what you want?" She asks this so fiercely, looking me straight in the eyes. I don't break the stare down as I pause, shaking a great amount on the inside, but not daring to show it.

   I didn't mean violence like shooting someone, but the way she said it, I know why she's the way she is. She's part of a gang...she's shot someone before...I've gotten myself involved with the wrong person. 

   I don't know what to say, why did I tell her I wanted to be like her? So, I keep my mouth shut and look down into my lap. Just as I do so, I feel her grab me by the collar of my shirt, making me look at her. 

   I can feel my heart pounding rapidly against my chest as she lifts me up off the bench. Her face is only an inch away from mine as she spits, "So DO YOU? Do you want your life like that?!"

   I feel my eyes start to glimmer with tears. I blink them back, trying my best not to let her see. But it's impossible for her not to notice. "Oh, you're gonna cry? Gonna be a baby and cry because you're just so WEAK?" She shoves me back and I stumble, gripping the edge of the bench forcefully as it screeches obnoxiously across the sidewalk. 

   After a moment, I use all the courage I can find in myself to look up at her haunting face as she laughs softly. "So do you?" She repeats. I gulp, not responding. 

   Her grin fades, being replaced by a scowl. "Look, I need a new member to join my gang," she begins, cutting right to the chase, "and if you wanna decline my little invitation here.." she pats her pocket, "I can change that."

   I'm too scared to think anything but the fact that she may mean shoot me. "I'd love to join," I lie. Or am I lying? 

   Y'know, maybe there's a little piece deep down inside of me that actually wants to do this. Sure, I have the risk of dying, but why would I even care? I'll probably end up killing myself and going to Hell, anyway. I may as well live what I've got dangerously.

   "I'll do it..." I say, smiling vigorously. 

   She cackles, holding her hand out to help me up. As I take it, I can't help but feel as if I'm in one of those shocking movie scenes where the good person gives into the dark side and takes their hand. All that's missing is the friend running over and yelling, "No! Don't do it!" So, I have no one to try and keep me from doing something wrong.

   She pulls me up, "Sorry if I freaked you out, I guess I just got carried away...but seriously, I'll show you what it takes to be a rebel. It's funny actually, 'cause our gang's name is The Risky Rebels.

   I smile, but it's a psychotic one. I'm slowly getting crazier by the minute. "So, where do we meet up and stuff..?" I ask. She waves away the thought with her hand.

   "Don't worry about it for now. All that matters is that I've found my new partner in crime." She sounds more relieved than anything.

   'Partner in crime'? I can work with that. 

   "Now let's get ourselves a drink at the liquor store right over there with your new ID!" She claps, grinning. I've never seen her look happier before. 

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