(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


17. Jane's Story Part 5:


   We push open the theater doors with excitement, the soft hallway light greeting us. I turn to Lucas and he lifts his palm up for a high five. I slap mine against his and laugh, happily.

   "That was the best thing ever!" I squeal, talking about our incredible act we just performed.

   "Hell yeah!" He shouts, fist pumping the air. "They loved it, too!"

   "Oh my God, I know right? But how could they, like, not like it?" I laugh, "It was amazing! And the funny part is we rehearsed it once right before the audition, but it was still a major success!"

   "We so got the leads!" He says, smiling brightly. I smile back. "And that kiss sure got them good! They loved it!"

   I feel my cheeks turning a bright red and I look down. I'm still in shock from that kiss. It was perfect and it felt so real. That's because it was real! It had to have been! He likes me! And I like him back!

   "My girlfriend is gonna be ecstatic when she finds out I got a lead in this year's play! She thinks I'm really talented and deserve it more than anything!" Lucas exclaims. My cheeks turn pale at the sound of that.

   "G-girlfriend..?" I stutter, hoping I heard him wrong.

   "Uh, yeah." He says, still smiling. I stand there, feeling heartbroken. " didn't think that I liked you like that because of the kiss..did you?"

   I look up, "What? No! Hah, of course not!" I'm hoping he's incapable of noticing my eyes watering.

   "Yeah, 'cause that kiss was just part of the act." He states, slicing my heart right into two.

   "I know." I manage to say without breaking out into tears. I feel my lip quivering a little and I realize I have to do what I have to do, "Look at the time! I gotta go! See you soon!" I hike my bag onto my shoulder and race through the main hallway and out of the building.

   "Jane! Wait! But...there's not even a clock out does she know what the time even is..?"




   There it is. The liquor store. Exactly what I need. 

   I rush across the street after checking to see if there were any cars coming. I open the door, hearing a little bell ring above my head.

   I scan the walls of alcohol and my eyes land on the bottles of whiskey on the back shelf, causing a relieved smile to form on my face.

   I head over to the register and pull my bag up onto the counter top. "Hey, can I please get four bottles of the Rebel Yell Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, please?"

   "Not until I see an ID, Miss." The man behind the counter with short black hair and a goatee holds his hand out.

   I look up at him with annoyance, "An ID?"

   "Yeah, ever heard of one? It's kind of necessary to buy alcohol." He says with a cocky attitude.

   "I don't-"

   "Have one?" He finishes for me.

   I glance down at my feet before looking back at his face, "Look, can I please just at least get one bottle? I have the money." I start to rummage through my bag when he shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

   "I don't care if you have the money or not. You're not twenty one so you can't buy a drink." He shrugs, beginning to turn away from me.

   "Wait! I am twenty one, though!" I lie.

   He turns back to me and smiles sarcastically, "I'm not stupid, hon."

   "Apparently you are 'cause I know what my age is and it's twenty one!" I snap. He raises a brow and my features soften, "I-I'm sorry..I didn't mean to say it like that...but I really am twenty one."

   "Well, prove it to me with an ID then." He says with a small shrug.

   "Yeah, the ID that I lost." I say, trying to make this sound legitimate. 

   "Well go get a new one and come back next time, kiddo." He points to the door.

   "Please! I just want one bottle." I moan, setting my head down on the counter.

   "As opposed to four?" He snickers, just as the small bell above the door rings.

   "Welcome back, Roxie. Let's see, the usual?"

   "Yes, please."

   I pick my head up and turn to face the girl beside me. Wait-that's Mia Primrose, from my school. I can tell from the pink hair.

   I jump up quickly, "Woah! Hold up!" I put my hands up in surrender, "You're gonna give her alcohol, but not me?"

   "She's a twenty three year old woman, with an ID." He says over his shoulder as he grabs a bottle from the back shelf.

   "No she's not!" I press, extremely irritated. This is so unfair!

   "And what makes you say that?" He asks, setting a bottle of Blended Bourbon Whiskey on the counter top. My gaze sticks to the bottle like hot glue as my throat burns, longing for that liquid.

   "Who is this chick?" Mia whispers to him, glancing down at me.

   I rip my eyes from the bottle and look at her, crossing my arms. "Who is this chick? Oh, nice. So now you're gonna act like you don't know me, Mia."

   "Because I don't know you..and I think you've got me mixed up with someone else, darling, because I don't even know a Mia." She turns back to the man and slides the cash across the counter, snatching the bottle of whiskey. I notice the guy mouth the words, I'm sorry to Mia..or should I say 'Roxie'?

   I stand there, not knowing what to say, but instead just staring back and fourth between the two of them with my mouth agape. I can't believe she's getting away with this. It just doesn't make any sense to me. How does she have an ID in the first place if she's not twenty one?

   "Thanks, see you soon." She says to the guy as she turns away.

   "No problem. Cya Roxie." He yells back just as the door closes behind her.

   "Uhh, be right back!" I say, not bothering to look at him. I run out the door, rushing over to Mia. "Hey, wait!" I grab her shoulder and she pushes me away.

   "What the hell is your problem?" She snarls, her blue eyes glaring deeply into mine.

   "Mia, I just wanna know how you did that.." I say calmly, trying to sound kinder to make up for my rudeness earlier.

   "Did what?" She raises a brow, annoyed.

   "Y'know, bought that alcohol...since you're not twenty one.." I awkwardly put my hands in my pockets. For some reason I feel kind of awkward. Maybe it's because I'm getting the vibe that she wants to rip my insides out right now..

   "Look, I need to get going, so go find someone else to explain this BS to you." She scowls with a noticeable trace of  anxiety and starts to turn away.

   "You drink, too?" I blurt by accident. I couldn't hold it in...I guess I'm just hoping to have someone else drinking.

   She hesitates a moment before looking back at me again. "No, I don't drink. I'm not an alcoholic, anyway."

   She says this with such disgust that I feel a sharp pain in my gut. My eyes land on the ground with shame.

   "So you are?" She asks, scanning me from head to toe, not believing it for a second.

   "Uhh.." I stutter, not knowing how to respond to that. I want to say that's not true at all, but I kind of already implied that I was..

   "Why are you an alcoholic?" She asks me. I don't know why she's suddenly interested in my problems.

   "It's...kind of a long-it's kind of personal.." I say, brushing a strand of brown hair behind my ear, awkwardly.

   "Boy troubles?" She lifts her chin up with a devilish grin, like it's the obvious answer.

   I sigh, "Partially. I mean, I guess that's what kind of tipped me over the edge." I laugh a little, even though it's really not the least bit funny. She stands there, staring at me and I open my mouth to say something again. "Then why'd you buy that?" I nod my head toward the bottle of whiskey in her grasp.

   She rolls her eyes, "My mom. She's-" Mia stops mid-sentence and the scowl suddenly returns to her face. "If you're planning to speak of this to anyone, you're gonna be in big trouble." She shakes her head with a snicker and I gulp.

   "I promise, I won't-as long as you keep the fact that I'm yourself.....please.." I glance around before landing on her narrowed eyes.

   "Deal. My mom's an alcoholic, too. She's kind of an asshole...but I-" She stops herself again and looks down at her tall black boots, "This is kind of my nightly routine-coming here and buying her a bottle of whiskey. She says it makes her feel better, so I help her out." She shrugs and finally looks up at me.

   "Oh..well, I understand what she makes me feel good inside....calm...soothing....I don't know..I just wanna drink whenever I'm depressed, now." I feel pathetic expressing my emotions to this girl who I really just met, but at the same time I feel relieved to have someone to vent to.

   "Yeah, I get it. It's fine. If you wanna drink, go ahead. Whatever makes you feel better. People have their different ways of getting through life. But then again, if I were you, I'd try to deal without the alcohol. It just makes you look disgusting and turns you into a monster. And I feel like you could actually turn out to be a great person." She shrugs, taking a deep breath like she just wasted her time sharing her opinion because I'll probably continue to drink.

   "Yeah..." I say, not exactly sure of what to respond.

   "Oh, and it's called a fake ID." She pulls a card out of her back pocket with her smirking face and pink hair, the name Roxie Eaton next to it in bold letters.

   "Huh?" I ask, suddenly confused.

   "You've never heard of a fake ID?" She questions with puzzlement.

   "Oh, well I have, but I just didn't know they were, like, legit." My cheeks turn bright red with embarrassment. I feel kind of awkward for sounding so lame.

   She chuckles, putting her ID in her back pocket. "Say, how 'bout I throw a legit fake ID together for you some time soon?" She beams at her oxymoron. "Maybe I can get it to you tomorrow or something if you can meet me back here. Then you can get all the liquor you want, whenever. Sound like a deal?" She marches over to me and reaches her arm out.

   I look at her hand and feel a smile inching across my cheeks. "Deal." I say, relieved. This seems to be going much better than how it started.

   "Here." She says, shoving the bottle of whiskey into my stomach.

   "Wait, what?" I ask, perplexed. I wrap my fingers around the cold glass bottle, feeling happiness glow inside me.

   "Take it. My mom can go one night without it...maybe..." She laughs, rushing a hand through her pink locks.

   "Are you sure? I don't want to get you in trouble with your mother or anything.." I disclose, hoping she won't change her mind however.

   "Nah, it's fine. She doesn't deserve a gift from me tonight, anyway, to be honest." She waves the thought away with her hand.

   "Oh, wow, thanks! I'll repay you as soon as possible!" I exclaim.

   "Don't worry about it. It's on me." She laughs and I smile warmly. "Well, I'm gonna get going. It was nice talking to you..uhh..." She squints, trying to figure out my name.

   "Jane. I'm Jane." I say kindly.

   "Oh, sorry. I'm not that good with names. Aha, well nice chatting with you, Jane. I'll see you tomorrow with that ID, alright?" She starts backing away towards the road.

   "Okay, thanks! See you then!" I flash a thumbs up as she starts heading across the street.


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