(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


41. Jane's Story Part 11:


   Finally, only one period left of the day: Chemistry. It'll be quite a drag, but I'll manage. 

   I turn the dial on my locker, attempting my combo for the third time before it swings open. I shuffle through all the clutter in my locker, searching for my Chemistry text book. How could I possibly miss that? It's massive, yet I still can't seem to find it in there. I step back and sigh, I must've left it at home like the dumb ass I am. I lean my head against my locker when I see a girl with pin straight red hair pop up beside me and smile.

   "Hey, Jane!" Alanna says with glee. 

   "Hey," I say, managing a half grin. 

   "You look tired," she says with a small laugh.

   "Nah," I tell her, "today's just been lame and boring, y'know?"

   "Idunno. I'm having a pretty swell day. We have Chem next!" I look at her and she's beaming with joy..I don't understand.

   I can't help but laugh and shake my head as I pull my hefty binder out of my locker, "Why do you seem so happy, aha?"

   She shrugs, "What? It's Chemistry, I like that class. I think it's interesting."

   "More like a pain in the ass in the grade book," I mumble in response.

   Alanna rolls her eyes and I close my locker, heading down the crowded hallway with her. She starts talking to me again, but I don't hear a word she says. I notice Johnny standing by his locker at the end of the hall, talking to some of his buddies. His vibrant smile is able to sting my heart, but then bandage it right after. I can't help but bite my lip, shyly. His brilliant dark eyes shine like a million diamonds. I should be there at his locker with him--forget his friends, I should be there... As we continue walking in his direction, I see him look up at me. We make direct eye contact and my insides practically sizzle up and melt all over again. 

   "Jane! Your phone is ringing! Jane! Hello?! Are you gonna answer that? Your ringtone is loud as Hell!" 

   Suddenly, I snap out of my daze and turn to Alanna, whose been yelling at me for like the past ten seconds. My God, was I just practically falling for Johnny all over again?'s never going to happen--never. Just--just no.

   I notice other people staring at me as my techno ringtone blasts throughout the emptying hall. My cheeks flush and I pull my cell phone out of my back pocket. I mouth the words 'sorry' to Alanna as I check the caller ID. It's Mia.

   "Hey, Alanna, I'll catch up with you in a bit. I gotta take this call, okay?" I say. Before she can answer, I head off to the girl's lavatory as I answer the phone. "Hello?" I ask.

   "It's Mia," says the low voice on the other end, "meet me outside the school by the massive Oak tree. Now." 

   "Now?" I question, puzzled. "I still have to go to Chemistry--"

   "Well, you're gonna have to miss it. Get out here," she demands.

   "I have a really bad grade in Chem, I can't just skip--"

   She interrupts me once more, "Don't be such a loser. Get your ass out here, we have somewhere important to go." With that, the line goes dead and I let out a deep sigh. I check to see that she's ended the call and then put my phone in my back pocket. 

   Mia would do something like this. She doesn't strike me as someone who cares about school or her grades. I mean, I care...but, I think ditching Mia is just about the equivalent to being beheaded, so I don't hesitate to push the door to the restroom back open and head over to my locker again. 

   After I've put my binder and notebooks away, I gently close my locker and quietly head out the back doors of the school. I walk over to the large Oak tree, the light breeze in the air blowing my hair over my shoulder. When I arrive beneath the large branches winding out in all directions I look around, confused to not find Mia anywhere in sight. I reach into my back pocket for my cell phone to call her as I turn. 


   I jump, stumbling over a root and Mia grabs my wrist to help me regain my balance. 

   "Geez!" I pant, "Way to startle me! How did you even appear there so suddenly? I was looking around for you and you were nowhere in sight!"

   "I was on the other side of the tree. My apology," she says with a trace of sarcasm. I can't help but smirk at her lack of care.  

   "So, where's this place that we're going to that's apparently so important that you needed to pull me out of Chemistry?" I question, raising my brows in curiosity. 

   "Come on," she says as she begins to walk across the freshly cut lawn and onto the sidewalk, "it's time you meet the rest of the gang."

   I freeze, along with my insides. I feel like my heart literally just stopped beating and the whole world came to a halt as well. Her words have just taken the breathe right from my lungs. I look down at my feet, attempting to walk, but I'm incapable of doing so because I'm in too much shock.

   Mia turns around and says sternly, "Are you coming?

   I look back up, finally catching my breathe as I see her bitter expression. I run to catch up with her as she begins walking again. 

   "The gang?" I ask casually, hoping she didn't hear the slight crack in my voice.

   "Yeah. Tuesdays and Fridays are the days we meet up," Mia says.

     I hesitate, walking Mia's hasty pace right beside her. I glance up at her face, which is completely emotionless, though I can't catch even a glimpse of her eyes without it being a quick blur. 

   "Uhm.." I stammer quietly, "does the gang know I'm going to show up?" My eyes carefully wander back up at her, her pink hair blowing across her chest. After another moment, her dusty rose colored lips move swiftly.

   "No," she says simply.

   I turn away and look forward again. "No..?" I question aloud. So..Mia didn't speak with her gang friends about me..I don't know how I feel about this..just showing up.

   "You sound like it worries you. Don't let it. They won't lay a hand on you, nor a bullet. I wouldn't let them, Val wouldn't either. As much as Val is A-Okay with all the killing, she's a person who believes all actions must have a proper purpose. In other words, there must be a reason for the killing. She wouldn't just let any of us shoot one another, if it comes that close she'll kill us right then. So, unless we want to die a split second after killing one another, we keep our guns to ourselves." 

   I stand there, my mouth going dry as I gulp slowly and painfully. She meant to do the opposite, but she made this gang sound even worse than I had imagined. Then again, it is a gang--I should prepare myself for the worst.

   "Who is Val?" I say, feeling questions nervously inching up my throat. 

   "The leader of our gang. There's several of us, including you," Mia tells me as we head down the street. The sky seems to be getting darker every step we take, but it may just be me. "There's four others. Brianna, you know her-"

   "Brianna?" I wonder, the name not quite ringing a bell.

   "The slutty blonde that tried to slit your throat when you were drunk," Mia clarifies for me.

   I feel my stomach churn and my eyes widen. I had forgotten about that. It seems that I tend to forget plenty of details about things that happened when I was drunk, but when Mia repeats them I get this mental image in my head for a few seconds, but it's fuzzy. As fuzzy as it is though, it still makes me uneasy. 

   "Oh," I say, "her."

   "Don't worry, she's just a stupid hoe. She's really not much harm. Just try and keep your distance because she'll be thinking of a way to stalk you around since she has no life," Mia says with a short laugh. I return the giddy gesture, but it's as fake as ever.

   "Then you have Darren, he's the quiet one, yet deadly. He has no heart at all, you can even feel the dark aura radiating off of him when you sit across the table from him. Just avoid him. He hates people," Mia continues, educating me on the gang members. 

   I cringe, not wanting to hear about the rest of them. It's frightening enough having to meet them for the first time in fears that when I walk into the room they'll blow my brains out right away. 

   "Toby is the other guy of the group. There's something way off about him, but I don't know what it is. I mean, yeah he's in a gang, that's nothing to be proud of, but he seems like a decent guy for the most part. Though, at the same time he's not. It's all a trick to the mind. I'm telling you, don't fall for his charm.." Mia turns to face me for the first time during our walk and she keeps her eyes on my for a moment too long. 

   I feel my hand twitch and I look away, my pupils searching for some escape route, some safety exit out of this fearful experience. No, no I don't want to go with Mia to meet these people. This is wrong, this is so wrong. This single experience could literally be the end of all my future experiences. 

   "And lastly, you have.." Mia pauses, letting the suspense rise before saying the final name, "Gwen."

   Mia says this name with so much hate, so much disgust that even I feel like I hate her already. Mia said the other names more casually, like they were just some few acquaintances she knew. However, with this name...this was different. She knows this person more than the others. She's crossed paths one too many times with this person. I don't know what happened, but I know Mia must hate her more than anyone she knows. 

   "So, what should I note about her?" I ask, half jokingly. 

   "You should take note that this member is not human." 

   I raise my brows in wonder, trying not to laugh a little. What does that even mean? Hah.

   "She's a demon, I tell you..a demon. Her brain, it's twisted, twisted as any brain could ever be. Her heart--it's black, filled with darkness. She lives to torment others, she visits the devil at night. She has the number, 666 carved into her skin and she retraces it every single day so that it's fresh with blood. Though, she bleeds, I tell you," Mia stares straight ahead and I notice her hands roll into fists. Her face is tight and red, steam is practically shooting out of her ears. 

   "Why is she the worst..?" I ask, noticing how that might sound strange to say, so I jump to rephrase my sentence. "I mean, why is she worse than the others? Aren't they all...bad?" 

   Mia turns a corner and I follow her into a shady alleyway. I look around and nothing feels right about this place. Sketchy-as-Hell. 'Nuff said.

   "Look, she's real bad news, Jane. You need to stay as far away as possible from her, okay?" she says, sternly.

   "Did something happen?" I ask.

   "Last night," Mia says, her voice softening to a whisper, "she killed an innocent boy. She made some comments. Some nasty comments. She made a nasty scene, for that matter. And no, I'm not letting her get away with it. Trust me."

   My mind is spinning. Last night Mia saw a boy die?

   "Wh-what are you gonna do about it?!" I whisper shout. 

   Instead of answering, Mia leads me to a dull, gray door at the end of the alleyway. She clenches her hand shut and lifts it up, knocking on the door several times with rhythm. 

   "I'll talk to you about it later, now's not the time. Just don't take much that I do tonight as spontaneous," Mia tells me. A moment after she finishes the sentence, I hear the door unlock from the inside. 

   Mia reaches out and grasps the rusting door knob as my heart beats rapidly. I think my face may even be sweating, too. I know I'm not ready for this, but it's too late to back out now. She turns the knob and pushes the door open, heading inside. I follow close behind, the scent of cigarette smoke suddenly hitting me like a barricade as my throat tightens and I hold in the urge to cough. 

   My head feels airy for a few seconds and I can't see anything well until my brain rushes to adjust to this new environment. Once it does, Mia settles down in one of the wooden chairs in front of a long, dark table. I hastily plop down into the seat beside her, afraid to look up at the faces surrounding me. Instead, I study my hands as I twiddle my thumbs in my lap nervously.

   I hear some quiet snickers come from different people and I can feel their eyes burning a hole in the side of my head. What do I do? Should I look up and face them? Are they possibly me? Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they're laughing at me. 

   "So Mia, is this supposed to be your finest new addition to the gang? Your replacement of Shawn?" questions an unnerving  voice from the other end of the table.

   "Just shut it, Gwen. Why don't we skip today's cocky comments?" Mia spits back.

   I feel like I must hold my head up to gain some confidence points. Slowly, I let my eyes move up and land on the girl with the white beanie and short blonde hair that covers one eye. That must be Gwen. I begin to crane my neck up until I'm sitting straight, my eyes still on her. That's when her visible, piercing blue eye strikes in my direction and chills race up my spine. I look away just as fast as it happened, rolling my shoulders. 

   Unfortunately, my pupils next land on a poreless face that's isolated in the light from the single bulb hanging above the table. She's smiling obnoxiously, her rotten teeth displayed right before me as she moves forward from leaning back in her seat. I can see her wavy, blonde locks draped over her shoulders along with her low cut violet t-shirt. Her deep brown eyes study my face and she laughs harder.

   Her face, it looks so familiar. That's because it's her. I gradually begin to recognize her from the night I was drunk. My breath stops and I look away once again. This time I see a boy glaring straight at me with his dark eyes and I almost jump right out of my own skin. My eyes once again move to the next face and I feel myself catch my breath again. Another familiar face, but it's not a scary face..relief washes over me as we stare at one another. I even notice a small grin form in the corner of his mouth. 

   "Why do you always seem to pick the little, weak ones?" Gwen questions once again, beaming with amusement. "Easy to kill off when you're ready, huh?"

   With that, the entire table jerks forward and wobbles on its thin wooden pegs as Mia flings her chair back and stands up angrily. She leans across the table and slams her palms against the surface, her flaming eyes on the over confident enemy who stays seated in her chair. 

   "Will you just shut up for once?!" Mia shrieks, their pale faces only separated by a few inches. 

   Everyone goes silent, even Brianna who was laughing at the whole scene. Gwen laughs slightly, her eyes moving away for a moment. Just that one moment she glanced away, she showed fear. 

   "Mia, cool it. Gwen's just messin' around--" the boy with the two different colored eyes starts, before he is interrupted.

   "Quiet, Toby! You know nothing!" Mia demands.

   So that's his name...I think to myself, eyeing the boy with the chocolate brown hair. He's the boy I met the other morning, the one who dragged me into an alleyway to offer me some drinks. We had a great time drinking together...he's the only friendly face in this room as of now.

   "Alrighty," Toby says, giving up already. He looks at me and rolls his eyes. I bite my lip, holding in the smile I believed wouldn't ever come.

   Just then, I see his eyes quickly look at the other end of the table. That's when I come to realize someone has been sitting there the entire time...just watching, not a word. As I turn my head in that direction, I already start to regret it. But for the second I do look, I see a girl sitting among the darkness, her dark hair braided over her shoulder messily. Her elbows are placed on the table and her fists are clasped together, settled against the bridge of her nose. One of her eyes is eerily covered with a black patch, though the other is surely peering over her hands and watching the drama.

   "Come on, Mia. You know Gwen's right," Brianna chimes in with a devious smirk. Mia turns her head slightly to give Brianna the evil eye, but she takes this as attention and continues, "I mean, she's just your drinking buddy, isn't she? Maybe even a friend in general, but she's certainly weak. Unfortunately, she's not even cute like Shawn was."

   "Just end it, already! End it about Shawn! He's gone! This is my new partner and trust me, she won't let you down," Mia snaps back.

   "She looks like another weak link to me," the dark haired boy with the bandage wrapped around his head says in a monotone voice. I guess that's Darren. 

   "Well, she's not!" Mia yells. Her voice then softens, "And neither was Shawn.."

   "Weren't you the one who said he wanted to leave the gang and turn on us? That's a sign of fear, a sign of weakness, silly," Gwen declares, causing Mia to turn back to her. "Not to mention, weren't you the one who killed him?" She smirks accusingly. 

   Brianna slaps her palm over her mouth, holding in more laughter. On the other hand, Toby scratches his head, knowing where this is headed--a bad direction. Darren continues to sit there lifelessly. I, however, hold onto the seat of my chair tightly and try to not tremble too much.

   Mia lets her eyes linger on Gwen's for a few seconds and the tension in the air rises immensely. Just then, Mia moves back and marches around the table over to Gwen. She sits up straighter in her chair, preparing herself for what could happen. 

   My mouth is watering now, wondering what's going through Mia's mind. She must be really pissed, at this girl especially. Is she normally like this at these meetings? I wonder.

   "You're ten million times more of a heartless bitch that I'll ever be," Mia brawled, snatching her white skull beanie. 

   Gwen's eyes went up in flames as she eyed the beanie in Mia's grasp. She then looked back up into Mia's eyes and said through thoughts, you are dead to me. She lunged forward, throwing herself at Mia and pushing her backwards. Mia stumbled a bit, but kept herself on two feet. She grabbed Gwen's wrists and tried to lift them off of her, but that did no good. Gwen kept shoving her back across the room and Mia continued to move backwards, finally smashing into the concrete wall. 

   "Ugh!" Mia yelped as her back hit the wall with a harsh force. 

   Gwen was laughing and panting at the same time, kneeing Mia in the stomach. Mia yelped again, her head hanging more with every ounce of pain being brought on her. 

   "Mia," I said breathlessly, lifting myself from my chair a bit.

   "Don't bother," Darren said, closing his eyes in shame.

   "What? I-Isn't someone going to do something?" I asked, looking at all of them frantically.

   "Oooo, cat fight!" Brianna said with a laugh, leaning over Darren to watch the fight. She was completely absorbed in it, not caring about a word I had to say.

   "Come on, guys that's enough!" Toby yelled at them, looking a little nervous as Mia was being beaten.

   "Yes, that's enough!" I shrieked, noticing Gwen was whispering little things to Mia as she hit her repeatedly.

   "Guys, seriously? Let them be," Brianna snapped, simply wanting to enjoy the show.

   "Let them be?! She's gonna kill Mia!" I yelled, frustrated with their ignorance.

   "Mia brought it on herself!" Brianna argued, giving me the death glare.

   I gave up on her a while ago, turning to Toby. I look at him with urgency, praying that he'll do something about it. I know I must look like a wimp, but there's truly nothing I can do to stop them. I mean, I don't even have a gun.

   "Go ahead..." Mia mumbled, gaining just enough strength to look back up at Gwen's blue eye, "just try and punch me in the face, bitch."

   Gwen smirked, raising her fist and plunging it towards Mia's now sickly looking face. Unexpectantly, Mia threw her head out of the way, leading Gwen's fist right into the concrete wall with as much force as possible.

  "Ah!" Gwen cried, collapsing to her knees. Her arm sluggishly fell down to her lap and her eyes watered in agony. She carefully gripped onto her wrist, observing her fist that was now covered in fresh blood. Her fingers all looked crumbled up and weak. 

   Mia rolled back her shoulders and kicked Gwen's back, pushing her down onto her stomach. This time, Gwen yelped, her fist squashed underneath the weight of her body. 

   Mia then leaned down and whispered to Gwen, "Karma's a bitch, y'know."

   Somehow, at that very moment Gwen started to shake...started to shake with laughter. A grin swept across her face and she trembled with laughter as she added, "and it's coming for you, Mia...real soon." 

   Mia took her boot off of Gwen's back and headed back over to the table, slouching right into her chair again. Everyone's mouth hung open but Darren's, who said, "Great, I thought that would never end. Can we get to the discussion already?"

   Finally, Val put her hands down and sat up. She flung her bare legs over the table, wearing short, military green shorts and a gray tank top. She had a red toothpick in her mouth and she crossed her arms, scanning everyone at the table.

   "Toby," she ordered, nodding her head. Toby nodded in response and stood up to help Gwen over to her seat. She was still laughing like a maniac.

   Once Toby carefully placed her in her seat, her laughter began to die down as she held her wrist tightly. Val looked down and then back up, speaking once again.

   "Now that the opening act has ended, I'd like to get started. Today's going to be a short one, guys, considering I have things to do, places to go, people to meet. Let's just go over your objectives you had been assigned. Gwen, Toby," she says, looking at the two of them.

   "Done. We even managed to leave the book store with the money and without killing someone. Isn't that right, Gwen?" Toby asks with a short laugh.

   I will admit, he has the cutest laugh. Don't get me wrong, he's such a bad ass. I wish I could help it, but I just can't take my eyes off of him. Everything about him is just so unique and attractive. His silky smooth hair, his confident style, and of course his one blue eye and one green eye. 

   "Unfortunately," Gwen responds, still staring at Mia intensely. 

   "Good," Val says approvingly, "Bri, Darren?"

   "Grocery store status: robbed with style!" Brianna shouts, fist pumping the air and then clapping with glee. I feel so puzzled, not understanding how these people can have so much pride over something so..terrible.

   "We didn't kill a soul this time, either," Darren adds, "unfortunately."

   "Don't worry, Darren. Next time, next time," Brianna says with sympathy, placing a hand on his shoulder. He glares at her and she laughs, moving her hand away from him.

   "Good," Val repeats. "Now Mia, why don't you properly introduce your new partner."

   Mia turns and speaks, "This is Jane, my new partner in crime."

   Brianna fakes a cough and mumbles, "Drinking partner."

   "Hey, Brianna, can I borrow that butcher knife of yours so I can put an end to you right now?" I joke, cocking my head to the side. As soon as it pops out of my mouth, I wonder why and how I just managed to say that aloud. 

   I hear Toby laugh and I look over at him and he smiles, so I return the gesture. It's nice knowing someone in this room appreciates me at least a little.

   Brianna scoffs and rolls her eyes. "Anyways, what are our next objectives, Val?" 

   "Shut up, Brianna," Val says with annoyance. Brianna furrows her brows, clearly offended. Everyone snickers at the fact that Brianna was just scolded by the head gang member. "I have something for our newest member."

   Val stands, moving around the table and over to me. She pulls a black pistol from one of the pockets of her shorts and holds it out to me. I look up at the pistol lying in her hands, my eyes wide with both fright and honor.

   "This is your new weapon. I'm assuming Mia has told you already some of our rules, like no killing other members of the gang, at least not in my sight, anyway. If you do, I hope you're prepared for death, yourself." Val then takes the tip of the pistol and places it against the side of my head. 

   Once again, my heart speeds up and I look across the table to see Brianna smirking pleasantly at such a sight. 

   "Yes, I..I understand," I say, my jaw tense. "I'll only use it wisely...with purpose..." I remembered then what Mia had told me about Val being a person with purpose.

   Val moves the gun away from my head and places it in my lap. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear."

   She turns away and sits back down in her chair. She throws her legs back over the table and twists the toothpick around in her mouth. Everyone watches her carefully, awaiting for her to say furthermore. Before saying anything, she snaps the toothpick in her mouth and spits it across the table. The toothpick lands between Gwen and Mia, interrupting their stare down.

   "This week, we're gonna hold off on any more robberies. I've been in need of a rest, as well as the rest of you must be. Though, Mia this is your second break. However, it must've been a pain being forced to go out and find someone to befriend." She smirks and everyone looks at one another with amusement. 

   I look over at Mia, wondering if it's true, if she was really forced to be friends with me. I had hoped she just really wanted to be my friend. But when I face her, Mia just keeps looking forward. I turn away again, my eyes catching onto Toby's for about the seventh time today. This time he looks sorry for me.

   "Alright, so is that it?" Darren asks, looking up at Val.

   "Yeah, now get out!" Val yells, throwing her legs off of the table, now. 

   All of the gang members stand up and grab their bags, ready to leave. As they begin piling out, I look to Mia and tell her with my expression that I don't have a bag for the gun. Mia moves over to me and takes the gun from my lap, shoving it into her own bag.

   "Let's go," she says quietly, "somewhere where we can be alone. I need to talk to you."

   I don't know what she's talking about, but I simply just nod my head in response, thrilled to have just gotten through that meeting alive. 



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