(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


26. Carmella's Story Part 7:


   I sit on my bed, staring down at my cell phone contacts. Specific Ones. Shayla...Mitch...

   My thumb hovers over the call button beside Shayla's name, but I'm too ashamed to even press it. I have no doubt that she doesn't want to talk to me right now. But, I feel so wretched after our fight.

   It's like I don't even think about the possibilities of certain events. I just skip right to conclusions because I get so frustrated. I always blame everything on other people when something doesn't go my way.

   Maybe, in reality, I'm really the one that's ruining everything. Maybe I'm the one causing all this nonsense. I never told Shayla that it was wrong to kiss me when I had a boyfriend. I liked the kiss, too. Although, I shouldn't have. Why didn't I ever think that getting involved with a girl that I liked would ruin my relationship with Mitch? Or why didn't I break up with Mitch to be with Shayla? Would that be wrong..?

   I let my phone slip right out of my hands, landing on the white carpet with a thud. What am I supposed to do now? I have no one to turn to anymore...everyone thinks I'm a cheating lesbian....Mitch has clearly moved on, too.....and Shayla thinks I'm a bitch...just wonderful...

   I look up and my eyes land on the large computer monitor on my desk. I lift myself off the bed and move over to my desk, plopping down onto the soft padded, white chair. 

   After opening my browser, I go to Facebook and log into my account. As the page loads, I wonder if any type of new drama has started. Have people forgotten about the incident involved with me yet? 

   I begin to scroll down my homepage for any new news, but just see posts about things like Katy Perry's new music video, pictures of people hanging out with their friends, going to parties(getting high), and statuses saying 'FML'. I notice that I have a couple new notifications and a friend request. 

   I quickly put my mouse over the notifications, excited to look at them, just to be disappointed. What a surprise, just a bunch of invitations from random people to come play Farmville and online poker with them. I roll my eyes and set my elbow on the desk, resting my cheek on my fist. 

   I click the friend request button, now curious to see who added me. Violetta Bastien is the name of the girl who added me. I furrow my brows, not having any clue as to who she is. Looking at the thumbnail picture of her, I feel like I recognize her a bit. I look below and see one mutual friend. 

   I hover my mouse over the mutual friends and Shayla pops up. I sit there for a minute, wondering what this may mean. Violetta Bastien....that sounds like a French name....could it be...Shayla's cousin from Paris? I pick my head up and sit straighter, my eyes widening with sudden interest. 

   I figure there's no other explanation for the friend request, so I click accept. The phrase, "You are now friends with Violetta Bastien." pops up and I quickly head straight to her profile. Now I can see her profile picture enlarged and I'm able to see just how pretty she truly is. There's no doubt she's Shayla's cousin.

   She has long, glossy light brown hair down to her lower back and her pin straight bangs brush just below her eye brows. Her long, thick eye lashes compliment her sparkling dark brown eyes beautifully. Her lips are the softest shade of  pink along with her rosy cheeks.

   She's wearing a petite maroon Barret with a cute pink flower that has two purple ribbons hanging out off the side. Her light beige scarf is wrapped around her neck loosely, one end draping over her chest, the other flowing behind her. The silky jet black jacket she's wearing is worn over a thin auburn, long-sleeved shirt. Her matching skirt stops just above her kneecaps, her long model-like legs leading down to tall black stilettos. To make her seem even more adorable she's cuddling a tiny gray kitten in her arms.

   My eyes wander down to her most recent status update. "Enfin, avec mon cousin en Amérique :)" I furrow my eye brows with confusion. She must've posted in French..her other friends commented in French, too. I'm guessing it says something about being with her American cousin.

   Just as I start scrolling down her page a little bit, a small ding goes off and I look down to see that not only someone has chatted me, but coincidentally Violetta has. My heart speeds up as I go to click the chat open. Why is she chatting me? I wonder. I gulp, wincing as I open her chat. My features soften when I see that the only thing she said was "Bonjour :)" and I'm smart enough to know all that means is 'Hello'.

   My fingers lightly press the buttons on my keyboard as I type "Hey c:" in response to her message. Violetta is reads.

Violetta: I'm guessing you don't know French, so I'll speak in English haha :)

Carmella: Lol yeah thanks, I don't xD

Violetta: I figured! So, you must be a friend of Shayla? :)

   I begin to type 'Yeah hahah c:' but then quickly backspace the message and change it.

Carmella: Well actually I really don't know if I am anymore :c

Violetta: What? Why? :( 

Carmella: I kinda screwed things up :c I feel terrible...but I understand if she never wants to forgive me or talk to me ever again...I just need to think before I say stupid things lol..

Violetta: No no no! Shayla loves you, Carmella!<3 L.O.V.E

   I feel my cheeks redden as I stare at her last message. Does she really...?

Carmella: Lols! c: I wish...I miss her already...I wish I wasn't so dumb and screwed things up :c

Violetta: No no no! I'm sorry! It's my fault! Shayla told me about what happened. It's okay, you didn't know I was her cousin. You had the right to be wary. Shayla and I both feel awful about it all....:( I'm so sorry about the misunderstanding, Carmella!

Carmella: :o ohmygosh,'s totally not your fault! I feel like a loser lols...i'm just not the sharpest crayon in the crayon box rofl. :P Srsly, I need to think before I speak >.<

Violetta: No no no. :( Don't think like that. Plus, Shayla's a very forgiving, sweet girl. Plus, she REALLY likes you. Trust me. Ever since I arrived she hasn't stopped talking about you and how adorable you are. Haha, I'm just so glad she found someone she really likes<3 My cousin deserves someone as pretty and wonderful as you. :)

   I feel my fingers start to quiver above the keyboard, my mouth going dry. I lick my lips slowly to moisten them before responding.

Carmella: Wow...haha thank yhu c: But like, I'm nothing special really. But, I do like Shayla alot, too...and maybe sometime we can really get to know each other more and talk and all. I haven't gotten to spend much time with her lately-I've been DYING to, though. Can you just let her know that? :P

Violetta: Aw! I sure can, sweetie! :) I gotta go, anyway. I hope to talk to you more while I'm here, Carmella! You seem very sweet! :) <3

Carmella: Hehe, thanks! c: Ttyl then!

Violetta: Cheerio! :)

Violetta is offline.

  I lean back in my chair and stare up at my white ceiling. I'm just so glad things seem to be working out again. I was afraid I would be lonely for a long time and would have no one to turn to. I just hope I don't screw things up again with Shayla. I've already practically lost Mitch, I can't lose Shayla again. 

   I jump forward, grabbing the mouse on my desk and moving the cursor to the search engine on Facebook. I type in Shayla's name and head to her profile, clicking the 'Message' button

   Hey Shayla c: I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime..? Maybeee we could have coffee together this afternoon...or something? Haha...sorry if I'm bothering yhu :P I just wanna get back to spending quality time with my girly<3 c:

   After typing up the message, I click 'Send' and smile to myself.

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