(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


18. Carmella's Story Part 5:


   I slam my locker shut with frustration. I was greeted with snickers and raised eye brows this morning from all the other students. Apparently the entire grade still hasn't gotten over the 'incident'. Pfft, it was just yesterday that it happened, no one's going to move on just yet.

   But you know, maybe they should because what they saw in that photo means absolutely nothing now. Shayla has obviously moved on, so whatever. It's all old news. Now something even more "juicy" needs to get around to top the gossip about me trying to cover up the fact that I'm a lesbian by dating a guy. I roll my eyes at that annoyingly false rumor and turn away from my locker.

   "Hey, Carmella." My heart skips a beat at the sight of Shayla's beautiful, poreless face. She's smiling warmly at me with her sparkling, deep blue eyes. Her long, black lashes flutter with each soft blink she makes.

   "Shayla!" I say, my voice going suddenly high pitched. She giggles.

   "Carmella!" She says in a obnoxious high pitched voice, mocking me.

   I smile and roll my eyes again at her silliness. That's when I remember. She lied to me. She's with another girl, but she said she liked me. I feel like I'm about to drop to the tiled hallway with the weight of my sober heart.

   My grin falls and I look away, "I need to get to class, sorry." I start to move by, but she grabs my arm.

   "Hey, what's wrong?" Her gentle eyes land on mine and I feel like breaking down into tears. But then that emotion dissolves into rage and I rip my arm away. She's the reason my life is a mess-how can she just calmly ask me what's wrong?

   "How do you even have the guts to say that?" I sneer, shaking my head.

   "Huh?" She asks, looking utterly confused.

   "Just don't talk to me. Please. This is not what I wanted when I reunited with you. None of it. I didn't want someone so fake to take control of me. Unfortunately, I was too clueless to catch that you were just a pretty little liar." I close my eyes, holding back tears.

   ", I'm the fake one?" She asks, looking slightly offended.

   "What's that supposed to mean?" I spit, finally seeing beyond her beauty and realizing her true self.

   "Last time I checked, you were the one who was pretending to be straight." She lifts a brow, backing away from me, her dark pink Prada bag over her shoulder.

   I could just flat out yell my comeback to her, that she was the one hiding the fact she was seeing another girl, but I felt it was worthless. So instead, I looked down at my light pink converse and mumbled it beneath my breath.

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