(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


2. Carmella's Story Part 1:


   I giggle, my arm intertwined with Mitch’s. He looks down at me, his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling from beneath his black bangs. We exchange smiles and continue to stroll down the sidewalk. I’m under such a trance by his handsomeness that I accidentally bump into a girl at my school named Jane.    

   “Oh, sorry!” I squeal, putting my palm over my mouth in guilt.    

   “It’s fine,” she replies solemnly, not bothering to look up. Her short brown hair wraps around her face, but I’m able to catch a glimpse of the dark circles underneath her eyes. I would stop and ask her if she’s okay, but she moves away too fast.    

   “Do you think she’s alright?” I ask, looking up at Mitch with my face full of worry.    

   He shrugs and responds, “Doubtfully, since John just broke up with her.”    

   My mouth falls to the ground in horror. “Oh my gosh! Are you serious?! That’s so terrible! Why, what happened?” I ask, eyeing him with curiosity. Last time I checked, the two of them were practically glued at the hip. 

   He shakes his head and sighs, not quite concerned about their problems. “I don’t know. Don’t worry, she’ll get over it. As long as we’re together everything will be all right.” His smile warms my insides like a hot cocoa...I could just melt. 

   I flutter my lashes and giggle as he squeezes his arm around my waist tighter. “I love you,” I say with a soft smile. 

   “I love you too," he says, flashing his set of pearly whites. I hug him for a minute, burying my face into his blue shirt wanting to never let go.    

   Although, when I eventually do pull away I see a beautiful girl strutting down the sidewalk, her dark brown hair tied up into a high ponytail. She has a perfect figure and extremely clear skin. Her deep blue eyes are narrowed on my wide brown eyes as she smirks, checking me out from head to toe. I glance up at Mitch and I can tell he noticed too, his brows raised.    

   She comes to a graceful halt right in front of us. “Hey, Carmella, right?” She laughs, putting a hand on her hip and cocking her head to the side.    

   I stand there, shocked at how she knew my name when I’ve never seen this girl before. How could I not notice someone this gorgeous?    

    “Uhh,’d you know?” I ask, twirling a strand of my short black hair around my index finger.   

   “What? You don’t remember me?” she asks, trying to hold back a grin. When I just stand there blinking with a blank stare, she finally speaks again. “It’s me! Shayla!”

   That’s when it hits me. I know her from sixth grade. It all begins to come right back to me. I’ll never forget what happened that year. That’s when everything began to process in my life.    

   “Shayla!” I shout, swallowing the lump in my throat as I release Mitch’s arm to give her a big hug. “Hehe, what are you doing here?” I question, still managing to keep a smile on my face.    

    “I left private school, so now I’m going to be going to school with you!” She clasps her hands together, eyes brightening up like a light bulb.    

   “Really? That’s great!” I say, pushing a piece of hair behind my right ear nervously.  

   “Hah, I know right?! We can be besties again, just like old times.” She says this while looking me straight in the eyes and I know what she’s thinking.    

   “Yeah, just like old times...” I reply, breaking the gaze after another moment passes. I grasp my boyfriend’s hand again and say, “Well, Mitch and I should get going. I’ll see you around then, I guess. Nice seeing you again, Shayla!”    

    “Okay, nice to see you again too. And nice to meet you, Mitch.” She says this while glaring at Mitch and he fakes a smile, pulling me away as soon as he can.    

    “You know her...?” he asks awkwardly.    

    “Uh, oh yeah. Sixth grade. We were like the best of friends.” I scratch the back of my head anxiously, not really wanting to talk about ‘that year'. “Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Love ya!” I lean in to kiss him on the lips and we pull away from each other slowly.

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