Bon Voyage

A trip to Germany, but it turns out to be a nightmare...


4. Is this all true!!!

We followed her instructions and gave our tickets to the man. He let us through and that is where the journey began for us. Everything looked fine, until something caught my eyes. I was stunned and stood in the same place facing the direction, until a voice made me jump, “Are you coming or are you just going to stare at a door!” I turned around to see Marina right next to me as she whispered those words into my ear. My response was, “You guys go ahead and I will catch up shortly.” So that is what they did. They carried on whilst I was still facing the door in great shock. I could not believe that the door had the same detail as the door in my dream. This was making me start to shiver. Curiosity built up in me as I did not see what was behind the door in my dream and this was my only chance to find out. I walked unhurriedly towards the door. When I was about an inch away from the door I stopped and took deep breaths. I finally placed my right hand on the golden knob and slowly I twisted so I could see what was on the other side. I pushed the door away from me and my mouth dropped wide open…

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