Bon Voyage

A trip to Germany, but it turns out to be a nightmare...


1. How could I forget

I was in deep sleep forgetting that my flight was at 4.30am. The excitement got me drained so I did not know I was getting late. My sister pounded on the door and also tried breaking my door (which I obliviously would of hated and she would of suffered the consequences), but I had locked my room door before I went to bed (that was a big relief, as she could not break my door). My sister had to pick the lock, by the time she came in my room, she was exhausted. She came with a cup of icy water and she titled the cup slightly so that a small amount of water will pour onto me. I woke up in an impulsive shock. “Marina is downstairs waiting for you, we are getting late. Hurry Up!!!” she was an inch away from me, but she was still screaming in my ear (she is mad!!!) I looked at the clock in horror and I only had 2 hours left. I ran to the bathroom to have a shower, I forgot my towel in a rush (how could I, I was probably the only person on the universe that forgets their towel), so I went back to my room to grab my towel, as soon as it was in my hand, I sprinted back to the toilet.

I was running out of time and I knew that for sure. I was lucky as I got my clothes ready the day before (I was so organised). I got dressed as quickly as possible (I think I beat the world record for the world’s fastest changer). I went over to my dressing table (yea, yea I know I am fussy about my appearance). I brushed my hair, I straightened my hair the day before, but I just needed some final touches so I switched straightener (by the way it was a GHD), whilst that was heating I applied my makeup which was just eye liner, mascara and eye shadow, I then just had enough time to slip on my accessories. When I finally finished (which took a long time) the straightener was steaming. It was really hot. Once my hair was straight and I was looking fine I dashed downstairs.

My sister took the luggage's downstairs whilst I was having my shower (I presume), but she had forgotten my bag (how could she, she made me do extra work). I went upstairs to grab my bag (it was a Superdry bag) and before leaving my room I checked the clock, we only had an hour left. I was going to be in a lot of trouble. We jumped in to the taxi and that is when the journey began. We arrived at Heathrow Airport terminal 2 in about 15 minutes. Oh God we were wasting time and it was all because of me (but I will never take the blame). We checked in and sent of our luggage. We had to go through the security check (that was annoying as we were running out time). Finally when we got through, Marina checked her phone and we only had ten minutes remaining.

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