The last flash of love

Young 23 yr old American Jacob was diagnosed with canter and his time was limited, he complete his goal in life and was ready for anything that was until her met part time nurse Kimberly on his last day of life


1. Life and Death- the story

The last flash of love The name was Kimberly. She was the prettiest human I had met in a long time. She had flawless tanned skin that glowed in the light, waiting for me to touch. Her was long and was dead straight until it reached her waist; it was as silky as a dress, light mahogany.  She had full plump lips which were curved into and friendly but heart racing smile. Her eyes were like a melted pool of light fluffy chocolate, filled to the brim with a child-like curiosity. It wasn’t her mind her mind blowing beauty that struck me with love no it was her as a person just simply her. Two month ago before I met her, I was struck with the worst news I thought I could ever receive at this moment of time lung cancer, I had never smoked before or drank and to my luck it was rapidly growing. There was nothing I could do I was losing life. In that mere 2 months. I had done so much I had wanted to do that I was even shocked at myself- I had completed some many goal and dreams I was unbelievable: I had made amends with my enemies, had visited my homeland and conquered all my fears, I was at level with life. Whatever happened next I was mentally prepared for at least that I thought. That day I had arrived back in America, my condition drastically worsened and I was rushed to hospital and put into intensive care, by this time of my life I only a month left to life I could die at any moment. For the past few weeks I managed. Only by a flash. Some days I would be perfectly fine and other times I would feel like a beaten dummy. I became apparent that the tumour was taking a hold of my fateful life and I was losing the battle of cancer bit by bit. I was permanently moved to a hospital where I spent my life in a dark drab and dull room. I happened to be the last day of life that I had met he. She was a part time nurse and she brought me breakfast in the morning. As soon as I had laid my dreary eyes on her, found myself in a strong spell. It took all of my will power not to admire her for the whole day. She stayed with me while I ate breakfast causing me to eat at a snail like pace so I could send more time with her. I turned out that she wasn’t only there for breakfast but the whole day, the doctors thought I had needed company considering none of my relatives ever bothered to visit me. Some of my family member had forgotten me long time ago, I knew the hospital couldn’t get in touch with my family members. During that very day me and Kimberly talked and shared memories I had the most laughter I have had in years. Her laughter was beautiful like and choir harmonizing. It felt good to have fun and I had the chance to express a hidden emotion At five o’clock, I felt strange I felt dizzy and my world was spinning. All the doctors had rushed in, turning on machines and injected me with drugs. My vision was blurry and sounds were getting fainter. Heard Kimberly mentions something about faith and holding on and that I could survive this. The room was awfully crowded and that was noise everywhere I became to much to handle, it was like my mind fell asleep I could process things anymore. The mind blowing dreariness came over me, I was losing vision by the second, and I took one last look at those caramel eyes which were currently filled with worry. In the last moment of my life I had fell in love and she had stayed with me to the very end.

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