Blue Seas (The Return)

Mac came back to his hometown, finding out that the woman he had been loving all his life was back too. Will he ever have the chance to tell her how he really feels for her? Or will he just accept the fact that she only sees him as her favorite friend.


6. Women

     Jone had dinner at Ces Gray's place. The Williamson's were like her extended family. They invite her to any family get togethers, and vice versa. She had decided that day to go out more often than stay at home and worry about her relationship with Hadi which was soon to end. Although she had spent her time with her family, they still find it really disturbing that she won't even smile or laugh at their jokes. Her mother had complained about her attitude one night after dinner at the family mansion. She wanted to know what's been bothering her. And so she told her mother the whole story.  

     Mrs. Parker was a very supporting mom. In fact she had managed to get her on a date with some of her friends' son but didn't work. She had been stubborn enough to decline the dates and instead stayed at home all the time.

     She felt bad about ignoring Kate and her boyfriend the whole time she was in Blue Seas. Jone just wanted to be alone, thinking that she would soon heal and feel better if she shut herself from the world. But it was killing her. There was no outlet the whole time she locked herself at home. So she decided to go see Kate, Lester and Mac who had just arrived. That's when she realized that she needed her friends and she needed to let out the hurt she had been feeling inside. 

     Brunch that day with her brother Nathan and his business partner 30-yr-old Sean Whitmore, went out fine. Sean was a handsome, sleek man. He's got grey eyes, wavy hair with soft curls that ran down his eyes. He manages the shipping company in Germany which he and Nathan owned. The two of them had exchanged numbers that morning, and he said that he will be calling her soon. She felt good about that.

     "I really don't understand why my sister have to bring her cousin-in-law with them on vacations!," Kate said later that night.

     The Williamsons were having barbecue by the poolside of Ces house.

     Jone glanced at Alicia Harwood who was talking to Mac at the porch.

     "You never got used to it?," Jone asked her friend as she put some grilled pork chops and salmon.  

     Kate sighed. "I never liked Alicia ever since that wedding day!," 

     "Then ignore her."

     "She flirts a lot with any men she sees! She even flirts with Lester."

     "So your jealous,"

     "Well who doesn't?! Art and Monica fought about her one time."

     Jone smiled. "Thank God I don't have a boyfriend to worry about."

     Kate glared at her. "Very funny Jone. Check her out, does she have to play with the buttons of Mac's shirt?!,"

     Sighing, Jone went to the table where Lester sat eating. "You got to stop your girlfriend here Lester. She's taking it out on Alicia this time."

     "I can't," Lester replied. "Alicia needed some advice. You should have gone with us to Bahamas. You will know why the Williamsons don't like her."

     "I told you," Kate looked at Jone.

     Jone just went on eating her food. She was so hungry that night that she went for a second round. She didn't had the chance to talk to Mac after surfing, since Alicia had been buzzing around him the whole time.

     "So what happened to your date?," Kate asked during dessert.

     Ces, Monica, Brenda, Ben's wife, and Jone were sitting on a table. The men were playing poker on another table.

     "So you're finally dating Jone?," Ces asked too.

     The women were looking at her.

     "It wasn't really a date," Jone answered. "My brother introduced me to his friend Sean Whitmore. Nothing serious."

     "Sean Whitmore?!," the women chorused.

     Jone looked at them puzzled. "You girls know him?,"

     "Who doesn't know Sean Whitmore?!," Monica said. "He is the endorser for Bauer Perfumes!,"

     "I didn't know about that," Jone said shaking her head.

     "And last month on Primes Magazine," Brenda began. "There was an article about Sean searching for a wife. The bachelor wants to start a family, but he says that he haven't found the right woman yet."

     "He's my brother's business partner."

     "Did you know that he was nominated as one of Germany's Top 100 sexiest bachelor?," Ces added.

     "Now I know, thanks," she took a sip of her beer.

     "You are so lucky to have brunch with him Jone!," Kate told her excitedly.

     Alright Sean is a very handsome man and she was flattered that her brother had introduced him to her. Now that she knows who he was, aside from her brother's business partner, Jone wasn't sure now if she would still want to go and see him.

     Suddenly her phone rang. It was Sean.

     "Any of you want to answer this call?," she teased.

     "Is it Sean?," Brenda asked.


     "Well answer it!," Monica urged her with a smile.

     "Hey Sean," Jone answered and watched the dreamy faces of the woman around her.

     "Hi Jone," he said. "I have meant to call you today but Nathan and I had really been very busy."

     "Oh you don't have to worry about that Sean," Jone took another sip of her beer.

     "Would you like to go out and have dinner two nights from now?," he asked her. "I just made reservations for two at Foods and Books."

     Jone smiled. "I would love to Sean."

     "Perfect! I'll see you in two days then."

     "See you too."

     When they hanged up, the women were waiting excitedly for her to tell them what she and Sean had been talking about. 

     "You're going out with him?!," Kate wants to know.

     "When?!," Monica joined.

     "Where?!," Brenda added up the excitement.

     "Can we go with you?!," Ces pleaded.

     Jone laughed at Williamson women. 

     "I'm going out with him in two days. We're having dinner at Foods and Books. And I'm not sure if you can come join us because it's a dinner for two."

     "Oh crap!," Ces pouted in disappointment. "Even if we call and have a booking still we can't be on the same date and time with you!,"

     So they are really serious about seeing Sean Whitmore!

     They sighed and started telling her about how they would love to meet him just for even a day.

     "Alright," Jone interrupted their pleas. "Here's what I will do for you ladies. I'll try to ask Sean if he can arrange to meet you women sometime. He's a nice man so probably he'd say yes."

     "You would do that?!," Kate asked her eyes twinkling.

     '"Yes I will."

     The women cheered and thanked her.






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