Blue Seas (The Return)

Mac came back to his hometown, finding out that the woman he had been loving all his life was back too. Will he ever have the chance to tell her how he really feels for her? Or will he just accept the fact that she only sees him as her favorite friend.


4. Reason


     "What's wrong Jone?," Kate asked over the phone, her voice concerned.

     "I know I haven't told you about what's been going on with me," Jone began. "And I'm really sorry. I just can't take this anymore, I need to talk to someone."

     "I know something's bothering you, because you were totally different when you arrived two weeks ago."

     28-yr-old Jone Parker sighed. 

     "Tell me,"

     "It's my boyfriend Hadi,"

     29-yr-old Hadi Rashid is Jone's two year boyfriend.

     "You're still seeing him?!," Kate asked in disbelief. "I thought you already broke up with him? What happened?,"

     "I love him Kate," Jone said sadly. "And I did break up with him, lots of times. But he won't let me go. He's holding on."

     "Jone, he is already engaged," Kate said. "And he will be getting married anytime. What is his reason for holding on? If he breaks that engagement to chose you over that woman then that is a good news. But how long had he been engaged? It's already one year. You have to let him go."

     Tears swelled on her eyes. 

     "Kate, believe me I did everything I could. I came home to be far away from him. And I don't know until when I will be staying here. Escaping the situation isn't right, but I can't take it anymore either. Each day with him always hurts. Especially now that he is getting married."

     "Oh Jone, I'm sorry about that,"

     Jone sobbed.

     "My family knows about this," Jone went on. "Mom and dad had agreed on Nathan's idea that I go and date his friend whom I will be meeting later at nine. I really don't know why I said yes to their plan. I need you to tell me that what I will be doing is wrong. I need your advice Kate."

     "Sweetie, I am really sorry for what's going on with you and Hadi," Kate told her. "We all want to have a lasting relationship. But there is a reason why Hadi will be marrying someone else. There is a reason why you have to stop seeing him and end the relationship. You knew from the very beginning that there is no future between you and Hadi. His culture is different from our culture. Everything will pass. You may have been through a lot of broken hearts, but there is a reason to that. Someone is out there for you. Someone who will love you till his last breath, someone you will never regret having to spend the rest of your life with.

     "You have to let him go. And you have to go back to Hawaii to tell him that. Now your family wants you to go date someone else, which I would so much agree. Dating will help you forget Hadi. So I advice you to go get a shower and meet with this guy. There is nothing wrong with seeing someone else Jone. Hadi is engaged and is getting married. You should live your life."

     "I really don't get why I always end up with a broken heart Kate," Jone said sadly wiping her tears. "My first boyfriend broke up with me because he was marrying someone else. I've had several relationships, but they never last. This thing with me and Hadi... oh God! I sometimes can't breath because of the pain I feel in my heart. It's like I'm choking from hurting inside. I don't want to just go and date someone else anymore Kate. The last person I will be dating will be the guy I will be marrying."

     "Then let it happen Jone. Let it happen," Kate said softly. "I know you are strong woman. I know you all my life. You are a fighter. You never give up. Sure I see you cry lots of times over some lost love, but you stood up after each fall. You have the strength in you Jone. You will cry for now, but there will come a day when the funny, loving, crazy Jone will be back."

     "Thank you Kate," Jone said honestly. "I love you. I just don't know what to do without you."

     "I love you too sweetie," Kate answered. "Now go and get ready. Then call me up when your done with your date."




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