Blue Seas (The Return)

Mac came back to his hometown, finding out that the woman he had been loving all his life was back too. Will he ever have the chance to tell her how he really feels for her? Or will he just accept the fact that she only sees him as her favorite friend.


9. Mavericks Building

     So, Mac actually didn't know that his new place was just nearby Jone's. He only found out when he dropped her yesterday. And he was glad they were neighbors, it was to his interest finding out about it.

     There weren't any things at the condo as of yet. He only got his clothes, his LCD, XBOX, alienware laptop and pc. So he needed Jone's help for the other things that were missing in his place.

     "Twentieth floor is not bad," Jone said studying the view below. A vast picture of the beach, and the crowded paved road below.

     "I always like the higher floor," Mac answered and stood beside her by the glass door. "Listen, I need you to help me purchase the things I will be needing in here."

     "As a matter of fact, I already have something in mind on what to do with your place," Jone answered.

     "Thank you. Do you wanna go shopping today?," Mac asked her.

     "I'm free today,"

      The two of them went to the mall to buy some things for his place. His favorite color was blue so Jone chose all the mixed blue colored things, such as: carpets, curtains, pillowcases, blankets, glass, plates, microwave etc. They finished shopping in the evening so went straight for dinner at one of the restaurants at The Walk. The things he bought will be delivered tomorrow so he's got nothing to worry about that night.

     They talked about high school while they were walking on the way back to his place.

     "You know what I love about high school?," Mac asked her when they were inside this home.

     "What is it?," Jone asked.

     "It's when you and Kate go on stage on every school event," he said with a smile.

     The two of them were sitting on the floor of the balcony.

     "Yeah, Kate and I were a band freak. I even thought I would have a band and be popular the whole time. I haven't thought of finishing college. But it was the other way around."

     "When you go on stage and start singing the whole crowd would go crazy."

     "Yeah, I love the feeling when the crowd would sing with us. It was like you have fed them with their satisfaction and they want more."

     "So tell me honestly," Mac was serious.

     "What is it?," she asked looking at him.

     "You and Bryan were really dating before and you just didn't want to tell me."

     Jone looked at him and laughed. "You still haven't gotten over that Mac?,"

     Bryan Strummer was the drummer of their band.

     "Well I feel like you were hiding something from me," he said. "I see the two of you hangout most of the time."

     "Of course because he is my band mate," she said smiling at him. "Why do I get the feeling you were jealous of Bryan."

     "I'm not," he quickly answered. Was he that obvious? He changed the subject. "I will be expecting you to help me tomorrow."

     "Why do I get the feeling you're driving me away?," she asked looking at him.

     "I'm not alright," he said starting to laugh. "I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday. We were ten, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, twenties... And now here we are almost going thirty. You have that huge tattoo on your body and I'm back from Japan."

     "Yeah," she agreed. "We're grown ups now. Did you ever regretted something back in high school Mac?,"

     Will he tell her?

     He looked away and sighed. "I don't think so. I had a perfect time in high school and even in college."

     "Me too. Summer, spring break... oh those were the best."

     Mac smiled remembering one spring break they had in Hawaii.

     "Remember one time, we were all drunk, and you were about to take off your bikini tops and I have to stop you. You were so pissed off at me and didn't talk to me for two days."

     Jone laughed. "Everyone was taking off their bikini tops that night, and even Kate! I was really furious at you. I really don't know why I wanted to get naked that night."

     Suddenly her phone rang. She answered it.

     "Sean," Jone smiled.

     Who was Sean?, Mac wondered. 

     "I'm fine. I'm with one of my best friend now, helping him with his place..." she was saying. "Oh Sean, really it's okay. We'll be seeing each other at dinner tomorrow so it's not a problem... yes I won't go home late... I know you're busy alright... Wow! Great!... I can't wait for that day... Sure... you take care to Sean... See you... Goodnight."

     Mac watched as she placed her phone back in the pocket of her jeans with a smile on her face.

     "Good that you have gotten over Hadi pretty quick," he said trying to hide the jealousy in her voice.

     "Yeah," she answered not noticing the expression in his face. "Maybe Sean could help me in the recovering part."

     What about me?, he asked silently.

     "So who is this Sean?,"

     "Nathan's business partner," she answered still that smile on her face. "The girls said he's the endorser of hmmm i forgot what perfume, but he seem to be a popular guy in Germany."


     "I promised them that I will plan an activity so they could get to know Sean."

     "That's great," he said forcing a smile.

     Jone checked her watch. "Hey Marky, I've got to go now."

     "It's only twelve am," Mac protested as she stood up and headed for the door.

     "I will be back here early tomorrow," she told him. "We need to start decorating your place as early as possible because I have a dinner date tomorrow."

     "And you're proud of that?," he asked feeling hurt.

     "Well I should be," she answered still smiling. "If dating someone else would help me get over Hadi, then I'm doing that. You should back me up on this Mac. We're a team remember. You have to support me."

     He went to embrace her because it was all he can do to express that he loves her. "I will support you to whatever decisions you have Jonesie," he said and kissed her on the forehead.

     Jone embraced him back and kissed him on the cheek. "Good night Mac,"

     "Good night Jonesie," he watched her as the elevator doors closed behind her, then he went back into his place.

     He wasn't going to lose her again. One way or another he's got to tell her about how he truly feels for her. He couldn't take it if he would lose her to another man. If she doesn't feel anything for him at all, well at least he could just tell her about what he had been feeling for a long time. It wasn't going to be an easy summer. He's got a rival. 




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