Blue Seas (The Return)

Mac came back to his hometown, finding out that the woman he had been loving all his life was back too. Will he ever have the chance to tell her how he really feels for her? Or will he just accept the fact that she only sees him as her favorite friend.


10. Dinner

     Jone and Sean talked about their lives. When they were kids, the things they liked, the things they hate. They were getting to know each other and Jone found out that most of the things she find amusing, were the things Sean didn't like. For example: she likes surfing, while Sean find it boring because he don't like the beach. Jone likes rock alternative to hardcore bands but is very flexible in different kinds of musics as long as she find it interesting. Sean was into love songs and classic musics. He hates tattoos, but he told Jone that he wasn't against her having a tattoo, he just hate having it on his skin.

     Since they found out that they didn't like the same things, they had agreed to not take it seriously. They were finding out about each others personality, and the negative things doesn't mean that they weren't friends anymore or won't be seeing each other anymore.

     "That's why we need to get to know each other, so we will find out what he or she likes and dislikes," Sean had said.

     Although the differences, Jone still find Sean charming. Most women in the restaurant, would glance at them, simply admiring the handsome man he was. Lucky for her, she's the date. Jone didn't find him boring, she just didn't know what to tell him because he might get bored with what she would be talking about. 

     Sean invited her for coffee later that night but Jone refused nicely. She told him that she was going to wake up early the next day because she needs to help Mac at his new place. He accepted this and dropped her at Crystal Building, where her apartment was. 

     Before she went down, she told him that he was invited on Mac's house warming in two days. To her surprise, Sean accepted the invitation, which Jone thought he would totally refuse. With that, she said her good night and went up on the fifteenth floor where her apartment was.

     She took a quick shower and dressed into a blue men's boxer shorts, paired with a large white billabong shirt. She sat on the sofa and dialed Kate's number.

     "How did it go?," was Kate's first question.

     "Dinner was great, except that we don't have the same interests," she answered bored. "But he's handsome."

     "Ah interests," Kate said. "You may have differences, but it is all up to both of you to work things out."

     "If this is just simply dating Kate, likes and dislikes doesn't matter to me. It's nice to be friends with him. I'd like to add a hot male friend especially an endorser of some perfume."

     "Bauer Perfumes," Kate offered.

     "Yes that," Jone said nodding her head.

     "No sparks at all?," Kate wants to know.

     "None. If I want to replace Hadi, I should find someone who could make me totally forget about him. Someone who won't bore me. Someone I'd be laughing with all the time."

     "If you can't find that someone, you still got me, Lester and Mac."

     Jone smiled touched by what kate said. "Thank you so much Kate. Anyway, I invited him to Mac's housewarming."

     "Wow!," Kate shouted excitedly. "Did you tell Mac."

     "Uh... Mac doesn't even know he's got a housewarming in two days."

     "Oh you!," Kate squealed. "Mac would be alarmed by that. But I will help you fix his place. My vacation leave will be effective tomorrow."

     "Perfect! I'll see you at his place then."

     "Sure will Jone!,"

     When they said their goodbyes, Jones phone rang. It was Mac calling.

     "Hello there," she said happily.

     "Hmmmm you sound like you are having a great time now," Mac teased.

     "Oh yeah," Jone replied. "I'm really having a good time now in my place. I'm off to sleep in a while."

     "Really?," Mac wondered. 


     "How come?,"

     "I asked Sean to drop me home because I need to help you fix your place tomorrow. I said I will be going early at your place."

     "Nice excuse. What did Mr. Handsome say?,"

     "Oh he's not angry Mac. And we weren't on some official dates. It's just like some getting-to-know-you dinner."

     "I hope so,"

     "Oh it sure is. Anyway, where are you right now?," she asked.

     "I'm with some guys from college football," he answered. "We're at the strip club right now."

     Jone smiled. "At least your enjoying your night."

     "It'll be more fun if you were here."

     "Oh, that's so sweet of you Mac. Don't worry, tomorrow, I'm all yours."

     "Like literally?,"

     Jone rolled her eyes. "I've got to sleep now Mac. I'm waking up early tomorrow. If you're going home late, leave the key under your doormat. I'll wake you up!,"

     Mac laughed. "Sure Jonesie! Alright you sleep now. See you tomorrow."


     "I miss you Jone,"

     "Me too."

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