A story of a stranger's love through a mailbox


1. Brown Envelope

The sunlight started to stretch its rays to the windowpane and eventually started to hit her eyes. She clutched her blanket & pulled it towards her face & turned on the other side of the bed.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Madam, are you awake? Your breakfast is ready…”

She slowly opened her eyes, pulled down her blanket & sighed.. “Yes James, I’ll be right out”

She gave a long yawn, stretched her arms & grabbed the head board.  She shrugged her blanket & slowly got out of bed, put her hair in a bun, & grabbed her robe. She clutched the door knob & swung it to open.




The smell of freshly grind coffee reached her nose luring her to dash down the kitchen. She tiptoed across the hallway & slowly traced her hand in the stair rails as she goes approached the kitchen.


“Here is your espresso Madam” James handed her a cup of espresso on an Italian porcelain cup and immediately turned his attention to the frying pan. “Is Father still asleep?” She asked as she blew her hot espresso. “Oh yes of course Madam, it’s Sunday. You can’t expect your father to be up this early” James then looked at the coo-coo clock behind her, turned to his frying pan, grabbed a plate & served her pancakes. “Here you go, eat up. I’m off to the laundry” James said. “What would I do without you James? You’ve been serving me the best pancakes ever since I can remember” She started putting syrup & butter on her pancakes. “Serving the family has always been a pleasure to me” James replied,

He reached for his coat & went on his way.

She started punching her fork to her pancakes & added more syrup. She then sliced it into 4 pieces & when she was about to take her first bite she heard footsteps approaching the kitchen…


She looked back & saw James “Back so soon?”


“Madam, I believe this is yours..” James handed her a brown envelope “I found it stuck in the mailbox” She held the enveloped & noticed that there is something unusual. She held it closer to her nose & closed her eyes. “The smell…its different” She examined the envelope & found a piece of paper attached to it on the other side


To My Dearest Jane; May the scent be a symbol of my love

- Stranger to your heart

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