From the moment I met you I fell in love

This is my entry for the valentine's day compertition, I hope you all like it :)


1. From the Moment I met you I fell in love

From the Moment I met you I fell in love

From the moment I met you I fell in love, You were like nothing I could have dreamed of, They say love at first sight doesn’t exist, But you were something I could never resist.

They told me I was stupid and that I was a fool, But I could barely stop myself for falling for this jewel, I would think about the joy and the eternal bliss, If only I could have the pleasure to steal a single kiss.

Time went on as our friendship grew, I was no longer shy when I talked to you, You brought out the best in me and let me shine through, But I could not admit that I loved you.

It became obvious to me and obvious to you, That I was quickly descending and falling for you, You were in my brain from dusk till dawn, Lead my heart astray like Lucy was lead by the Fawn.

When the day came that you asked me out, I replied yes without a seconds doubt, We embraced at first but then we kissed, I could hardly wait for our first tryst.

I wrote this poem with the view, Of telling you what’s in my heart and is true, What I am trying to say in this verse, Is that I love you and hope that this poem was terse.

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