There are only days to discover her true murderer. If it really wasn't Chad, then who could it have been? Why?

(A work in progress. Thanks for your patience!!)


1. the figure, and the job he was paid to do

Tina returned to the apartment around around 2:30 AM.  She was beat from a hard evening of partying, and all she wanted was a shower and to go to bed.  As she walked through the living room, she thought that she heard light snoring coming from the couch.  That was odd... she hadn't seen Chad's car in the garage...  Chad was staying in Tina and Jeremy's apartment while he waited for his fiancee to come up from Wisconsin.  Jeremy, Tina's husband, was in the Navy and was on board the ship that night.  She yawned.  It really didn't even matter where Jeremy was.  He could take care of himself, and he had a key to the apartment.  He could come back whenever he wanted... Or, she thought bitterly, he didn't even need to come back at all... She let out another huge yawn.  Okay, she agreed.  It was really time to go to bed.  Tina walked into the bathroom, which was right next to their bedroom.  She brushed her teeth, flossed, showered, the whole nine yards, until she was feeling in spic shape again.  With that, she walked into her bedroom, closed the door, and turned to turn on the light so that she could see where she was going.

* * * * *

The masked figure was checking out the room when he heard the doorknob start to turn.  As the door slowly opened, he quickly stepped behind it so that he would be concealed from whoever entered the bedroom, most likely the victim, Tina. The person stepped inside the room.  Yes, it was Tina.  The figure readied his grip on his knife.  Tina closed the door, exposing the figure.  Fortunately, it was nearly pitch black in the room.  The victim flipped on the light, turned around, saw the figure.  The victim's mouth dropped open.  Her eyed widened in fright.  Before she could scream, though, the figure went to work, doing the job he was paid to do.

* * * * *

He slowly stepped back, backing out of the room, being careful not to make any more of a mess than he needed to.  As he backed down the hall,  he saw a bathroom on his left.  Perfect.  He'd stop in, clean up, and then get out of there, before anyone else came home.     The figure finished, and stepped out of the bathroom.  He paused again, this time in the living room, to flick some ashes from his cigarette onto the floor.  They hit the carpet, and started smoking.  Oops.  Oh well...

* * * * *

The figure ran out the door, with the carpeting going up in flames behind him.

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