So yeah, what you are about to read, is really just a creation I made out of sheer boredom, and because a friend asked me to. He needed a brief story about a character he had made, for a live roleplay event, so yeah, here it is. Enjoy, whatever now there is to enjoy.
Also, make note of the german accent.
-Steen, AKA. Thyr


1. Vladimir

At young age, Vladimir lived with his parents, in the highlands. It was not before a dark night, that Vladimir had lived a peaceful life, but this was soon to end.

“I don’t like this, Maria. The night seems unsettlingly eerie.” Vladimir’s father said

“Do not worry, Rassan, we are safe here. Besides, you should get some sleep, instead of sitting here, worrying about our safety.” She replied, as she smiled at him, leaning in over the table.

“I know, Maria, I know… But Vladimir is too young and sickly to defend himself, what if bandits come to our home? In this forest, strange things happen, and you know that.” Rassan replied, and shot a glance towards a boy in his teens, who was sleeping on a small bunk on the floor.

Maria leaned towards Rassan, and grasped around his hand, smiling “But he has us, my love. Surely we will see to it, that he does not get harmed. Now, please get some sleep.”

Rassan replied with an adoring smile, and sighed “Very well. Have a good night, dearest.” Rassan stood up from the chair, and turned around, moving through the small house, and into another room. Maria sipped from a small cup of tea, and stood up as well, before moving to Vladimir, and kneeling down before him.

She smiled, and patted him gently on his forehead “Good fortune, my son, and sleep well.” As she spoke these words, some footsteps were heard from outside and the shadows seemed to creep closer. Maria spun around, and grabbed ahold of a knife on the table.

“Who’s there?” she said loudly, and was only replied by heavy breathing from outside. “State your business, and leave!” she said, and slowly approached the door.

Rassan come out of the room, with a knife in his hand as well “What is it Maria?”

“I don’t know. Whoever is out there doesn’t seem to answer.” She said, and grabbed ahold of the doorknob. She tightened her grip around the knife, and slowly opened the door. Much to her fear, a tall man stood outside, with a hood over his head. He stood silent, his heavy breathing being the only sound coming from him. “Can we help you? Can we offer you something?” Maria inquired, as Rassan stepped up beside her.

The tall man let out a deep-voiced chuckle, and said “Offer me? Heh… I’LL TAKE IT MYSELF!” As he screamed at Rassan and Maria, his hands grabbed at their throats, and he lifted them up with inhumane strength. Rassan and Maria were shocked, dropping their knives and letting out choking noises. The tall man smiled menacingly, revealing a pair of razor-sharp fangs. He glared at Maria and Rassan, his eyes flaring brightly with maddened hunger. He tightened his grip around their necks, completely blocking out any blood-flow, and eventually snapping their necks. Young Vladimir was still fast asleep, though his dreams were troubled, and frightened. The tall man uttered a maniacal chuckle, and dropped his victims on the floor. He bent down, and began feasting upon them, blood spattering all over his face. When he was finished, his hunger was sated, though he eyed the sleeping Vladimir.

“What’s this? A subject to carry our burden?” he uttered, and made his way to Vladimir. He let a hand glide over his face, the warm blood within tingling at his fingers. Then, he opened his mouth, and bit onto poor Vladimir’s neck, infecting him with vampirism. After that horrible night, Vladimir grew more and more angry, his mind aching with the lust for vengeance. But it was not only his mind, which was hungering. So was his body. In the beginning stages of his vampirism, Vladimir went to the halls of the dead, to feast upon the corpses, taking whatever blood they had left. That satisfied him for a couple of years, and he lived with a foster family, who raised him properly. But as the blood ran out, and all the corpses were sucked dry, Vladimir had to improvise. He resorted to alchemists, who offered him supplements, which he claimed he would use for other matters. In his later years, he leeched the blood from animals, which he killed himself, making him an excellent huntsman. But as time passed by, and his ages came along, he felt wanderlust. He would not stand idly by, as an open world was before him, just waiting to get explored. One day, he packed all his things, performed his last goodbye’s, and journeyed out into the unexplored yonder. On one of his journeys, he stumbled across a small tavern, where he stopped by, to take a rest. As he walked inside, it seemed strangely empty, only the barkeep and a hooded figure in sight. Vladimir took a seat beside the hooded figure, and raised a finger to the barkeep.

The barkeep approached him, while cleaning a glass with a towel “How may I help you, hmm?”

“I vould like a glass of red vine, if so possible” Vladimir said, as he dumped his backpack beside him. The barkeep nodded at him, disappeared into the back of the tavern, as the hooded figure beside him let out a snicker

“Zat’s a good choice, mein freund. Ze vine around here is high qvality, indeed.” Vladimir turned to him, and eyed him closely.

He was leaning in over the table, with a glass of wine in his hand. “I zee you have chozen one as vell. Zay, are you a traveler too?” Vladimir inquired

“A traveler? Oh, you could zay zat. I am a travelling merchant, I zell vhatever I have at hand. Sometimez, I also buy vhatever ozzer people have at hand, no qvestions asked vhere dey got ze items.”

This man seemed reliable, in Vladimir’s eyes. The merchants are usually trustworthy people, who would make a good friend, and ally.

“Zay, vhere are you heading, my friend?” Vladimir asked, and grabbed the glass of wine which now had been handed to him.

“Oh, I go vhere I vish. But at ze moment, I am heading norz, to Eleria. I heard qvite ze fortune can be made zhere.”

“Interesting. Vould you mind if I followed you zhere? I have no destination in mind, but Eleria zounds interesting.”

“Feel free, I could uze anozer pair of hands at my zide.” The hooded man replied, and sipped the last drops of wine from his glass, before getting up on his feet, and picking up his backpack.

“Vell, might I ask of your name, hmm?” Vladimir asked, and got up on his feet as well.

“Hmm? Oh yez. My name is Dragomir Schwartzhimmel, a pleazure to meet you, Mr….?”

“Vladimir. Vladimir Totenkopf” From that day on, Dragomir and Vladimir were close friends, who journeyed through the lands, and eventually arrived in Eleria, where they met many strange people and creatures. One person of significance, was a woman, whom they quickly became allies with, and joined a little group of hers.

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