The Hunger Games

Sabitha is Certain when she gets picked to battle in the hunger games.But Sabitha been close to death before but is the hunger games as hard as they are and will Sabitha win and stay alive?.But when Sabitha falls in love with Kevin O'Riley from district 4 can love stay smooth between 2 different cabins.


3. The Battle starts

The next day i walk to the meeting.

"Are you ok"asks my best freind Jake to tell you the truth he had a secret crush on me actually its a non secret crush i tell him were best freind but he wants more.I nod my head even knowing he knows im not.

"I know when your not happy tells me what's bugging you"Jake asks.Suddenly i bump into Kevin O'Riley.

"Sorry"i mumble.

"Don't touch her you freak"Jake shouts.

"Heard your in the Hunger Games so am i,I will win no point in losers  from district 7 entering even hot ones like you"Kevin shouts.

"Don't call her Hot she's too Hot and we are not Losers we will win"Jake shouts and puches Kevin in the eye.

"Jake cool down"i cry holding Jake before he hurts Kevin any more.

"Yeah go back to your girlfreind who don't love you baby"Kevin wails.

"Shut up"Jake shouts.

"Stop or i am going to go"i shout.

"Your girlfreind is going to go and  kiss her or does she know your a Loser with your mom running away she's a slag like you"Kevin shouts.

I stare at Kevin then turn to look at Jake crying.

"How can you be so rude what are you i will beat you unloved cow get Lost"i shout and slap Kevin and trun and walk to Jake.

The Battle is On!!!

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