My 100% Perfect Boy

This is a short story of a chance meeting between a boy and a girl and belive it or not they are each others 100% perfect match! <3


1. Valentines Competition

One cold winter’s morning, on a cute little outdoor ice-rink in London’s beautiful Kensington neighbourhood, I caught sight of my 100% perfect boy.

Tell you the truth, he’s not that perfect – he has quite a big nose. He doesn’t stand out in anyway. His clothes are nothing special, a kind person would say they were character full, but really they’re just unfashionable. But still, I know from fifty yards away: he’s the 100% perfect boy for me. The moment I saw him a fire ignited in my heart and burned so bright and so hot that it hurts.

Maybe you have your own particular favourite type of boy, one with blonde hair, say, or green eyes, or a good sense of humour, or you’re drawn for no good reason to boys who bite their lip when their nervous or deep in thought. I have my own preferences, of course. Sometimes in town I’ll catch myself staring at the guy across the street just because I like the colour of his shirt.

But no one can insist that her 100% perfect boy corresponds to some preconceived type. Much as like shirts, I can’t recall the colour of his – or even if he had one! All I can remember is the feeling in my chest. It’s weird.

I can imagine myself telling one of my friends: ‘Yesterday on the street I passed the 100% boy,’ I’d tell them.

‘Really?’ she would say confused, ‘Good looking?’

‘I don’t really know’

‘What? I don’t get it?’

‘Well, I can’t seem to remember anything about him – the shape of his lips or the colour of his hair.’ I’d tell her, even though I’d know she wouldn’t get it.


‘Yeah weird.’

‘So anyway,’ she would say already moving on ‘What did you do? Talk to him? Follow him?’

‘Nah. Just passed him on the street.’ ‘Oh,’ that’s probably how the conversation would go, so I mentally decided to not tell anyone and keep this moment all to myself.

He’s walking east to west and I west to east. It’s really quite a cold morning, and I try to stop my teeth from banging together, I didn’t want to meet my 100% perfect other a chattering, red nosed, wreak! Then again was I going to meet him?

Wish I could talk to him. Half and hour would be plenty: just ask him about himself. Tell him about myself and - what I really like to do - borrow his coat so I could get nice and warm and talk to him about the possibility of us being the 100% perfect people for each other.

After talking, we’d have lunch somewhere, maybe see a movie. Stop at a bar for drinks. With any kind of luck, we might end up in a relationship.

Potentiality knocks on the door of my heart.

Now the distance between has narrowed to fifteen yards.

How can I approach him what should I say?

I try to catch his eye and he’s seems to notice me, look quizzical for a moment, and then look away.

Idiot! I was too eager. I notice he’s quickening his pace.

This is awful, what did I do to make him dislike me?

Maybe I should stop him and tell him the simple truth. ‘Good morning. You are the 100% perfect boy for me.’

No, he would think I was joking. Or even if he believed me he might not want to talk to me.

Lost in my thoughts I take a few more step and when I look up and look around, he’s gone.

I look around frantically. Where did he go? I should have spoken to him, I should have at least smiled at him, I should have done anything other than let him disappear for ever into the crowd. If I had spoken to him I would have told him some meaningful story, which would have hopefully attracted him to me. I have no idea what I would have said but it would have started ‘Have you ever heard of the…’ and ended ‘It’s a sweet story, don’t you think?’  


Have you ever heard of the Andersons? No, well I’ll tell you their story…

There was once a young girl called Julie and a young boy called Alexis. Now Julie and Alexis grew up together, their parents were friends and they went to the same nursery, primary school, and they were in the same senior school. Alexis was very sensitive about his name, he didn’t like it and people teased him about it. Unfortunately Julie was one of those people and she would call him names like Alex-is-weird or Alex-is-stupid, mostly names like that. This upset Alexis a lot and as they moved into year 10 the bullying intensified and Alexis moved away because he couldn’t cope.

In his new school he told everyone he was called Alex and no-one teased him in fact he became quite popular. But as no-one knew his real name he felt that that didn’t really know him and he felt guilty that he hadn’t even told his ‘best friends’. Alexis was still unhappy and his new start wasn’t going as well as he hoped.

Meanwhile Julie wasn’t having the time of her life either she started to see how cruel her friends were, like how they celebrated when Alexis left. She tried to join in and be part of the group but her heart wasn’t in it. She became gloomy and sad the whole time and she couldn’t put her finger on why.

On one cold winter’s day when they were both alone and both upset for no apparent reason, they both realised the problem. They missed each other! Alexis couldn’t believe that he desperately missed one of the main reasons he left. Julie couldn’t believe that she desperately missed Alex-is-weird. It was three months after Alexis moved out of town when those two young people tried to find each other. Julie asked her mum for Alexis’ phone number and Alexis begged his dad to stop by Julie’s house. Unfortunately neither Julie, nor Alexis’ parents knew the phone numbers or the addresses of the other. Alexis and Julie were devastated.

3 years passed and Alexis stayed ‘Alex’ and stayed sad. Julie’s popularity decreased along with her happiness. And neither of them thought they would ever see each other again. But on a cold New Years Eve day they bumped into each other. Of course they didn’t recognise each other, at first, but after they had apologised to each other and walked a couple of steps they stopped and slowly turned around.



They sprinted into each others arms and as their lips touched for the fist time the news year’s fireworks went off in an enormous display of beauty and love. Alexis and Julie stared into each others eyes and whispered. I love you and you are 100% perfect boy/girl for me. It’s a sweet story, don’t you think?


I was suddenly snapped out of my fantasy by a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and my 100% perfect boy was standing there, looking nervous and a bit awkward. ‘This may sound crazy,’ he said ‘but here me out. You are 100% perfect girl for me.’

My jaw dropped.

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