I'm Wounded


1. Wounded

The dreaded moment,

Life Flashes before your eyes,

Life pours out of you,

And gushes into the mud,

How would you feel?

Some people say that death is easy,


Would you believe it?

How would they know ,

When air still passes through their lungs,

Hearts still beating,not bleeding


I've allways been adopted,

It's not something I can change,

It's not my fault my mother hates me,


How would you feel?

If your mother watched you sleeping,

With a glinting object behind her back,

Poised at the ready.


Feelings cannot describe,

The hate that consumed me,

The pain that rushed through my mind ,

The pain that clouded my eyes.

The pain that disrupted my heart beat,


The Gaping wound has sealed since then,


But the scar hasn't healed,

My memory hasn't faded,

But my life has been lost.







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