Think before you do it

det handler om en dreng der har magiske kræfter.....


1. Think before you do it

Once upon a time, a little boy, he was not a normal boy. Because he have magic, there was known won there no it, they was only he self. One day, like all other days, should the boy in school. He hates not school, because he do it whit his magic. If he not used his magic, will he get fails every time. He was just not good at school; he had never done homework before. One day, like all others days, will the boy do his homework with his magic, but he could not, he have not magic anymore! But he don’t know how to do homework, because he could not find out the naked subject, he could not use the main. He began to cry, he did not, what to do now he was lost. His mom came to him and she say –Are there anything I can help whit? –Yes mom -but what can I help whit? - It’s a secret I cannot say it – but? – No but mom just leave me now thanks… that ran a tear down of the mother's cheek she could not understand that her own son did not trust her-but son why do not you trust me, I can’t not understand it? -it is also difficult to understand mom, can you understand that mom? –no! – This is difficult to understand! You are so stupid can you understand that! Out of my room now! Out... Three years later, the mom can now understand that all, she’s son was a wizard, she help him very much, and say to him -you have to be honest and trust his mother and believe in themselves and he should remember he’s homework! –yes mom but I have to say sorry because I was not good whit you I was evil whit you… sorry mom -this is okay just forget it The mother helped the boy at school so it was a better experience to keep up at school now is the boy very good at school.                             They lift happily ever after  

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