Too late

Bernesta has the chance to fix her mistake...But does she?


1. Too late...

"Berknesta, go and get yourself dressed, we've got a visitor round!" Berknesta’s mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Shut up! Can't you see I came in late from partying last night!?” Moaned Berknesta, tiredly. She was the kind of girl who hated doing what she was asked; she would completely do the opposite. Everyone hated her - even her best friend. She had no-one, nothing, nowhere to go.

"Oh flip! Visitors these days take the ‘joke’, coming round at 12 o'clock, broad daylight!" Berknesta muttered to herself. Forcing herself to get up, she went over to the bathroom, done her bits and bobs and got ready.

“Berky, come downstairs, your ‘uncle’ is here!” shouted her mother. “Coming!” She replied in an annoyed mood. Berknesta strolled downstairs nearly falling down as she tripped over her heels. She went through the hallway, followed by the living room and the dining room. “Where is this freak?” she asked herself whilst looking for her mother who seemed to have disappeared along with her ‘uncle’. Berknesta panicked. She ran through every room in the house, checking twice. Her heart beating so fast, she could her it. A tear ran down her right cheek – hot, warm tears of confusion.

She gave up. Berknesta had never been more worried in her life. The only family she had left – her mother. She was having second thoughts, ‘what if her mother had run off with her ‘uncle’, ‘what if her ‘uncle’ had kidnapped her mum!’ “That’s it! – how careless of me!” Berknesta said to herself, realizing she had made the most dumbest and careless mistake - again. She ran upstairs changed into her white dress, sped to the stable in the fields near by and rode the horse, which her father gave her before he passed away. She sped the horse down the small village to the graveyard in the church.

Unfortunately by the time she had got there, her mother’s grave had been dug and a funeral was happening.

          “Mother, please forgive me for being such a pain. I know I have done wrong by letting father go off with that ‘Uncle’ and now I have done it again. Father asked me to come down, but I never! You asked me come down, but I was too slow. That ‘Uncle’ threatened you? Didn’t he? I now must face the consequences and live my life as an orphan.”


Berknesta had realized what she has done – but it was too late. 4 generations back a curse of orphanage had been cast. Luckily for Berknesta… She was the last.

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