Its Coming

Just a Torchwood fic


1. Waiting

Ianto was pacing in Jacks office, waiting for the others to come back from their investigation. He was worried about them they were all out fighting weevils, using guns, while Ianto was stuck at the hub making coffee. He heard the cogs moving and strolled out of Jacks office, looking round but nobody came through the door.

"Jack?" Ianto called waiting for his crush to walk through okay, but nobody walked through. Ianto turned back around and went to walk back up to Jack's office when he heard Owen coming in.

"Owen, wheres Jack?" Ianto asked worried, Owen just looked at him and didnt answear, Gwen followed behind him and smiled at Ianto, Ianto smiled back and Tosh came through. But there was no sign of Jack, he was missing and the others weren't saying anything. Ianto had just about given up hope when the cogs moved again, Ianto looked quickly to see if it was Jack, but it was just a girl Ianto didnt recognise her.

"Ianto this is Lola, she was lost we're just looking after her" Gwen told him. Ianto nodded and went out to the reception, Lola looked around Torchwood nervously and gulped hoping they wouldnt find out her secret.

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