What love is

This is my entry to the love competition and I hope you enjoy reading it! It would be great if you could write a comment on it or anything like that, if you can't though then don't worry.


1. What love is

Love is the thing that makes us strong,  

Love is the thing that helps us get along.

Love is what we believe it is,

Love is what makes our hearts fizz.

Love is the closest thing we have to magic,

Love is the thing that makes us bury the hatchet.

Love is right and true,

Love always forgives you.


I love love,

You love love,

Everyone loves love.


Love is what makes your heart flip over,

Love is what makes you warm inside forever.

Love is why we forgive each other,

Love is why we stay with one another.

Love is the difference between marrige and divorce,

Love is not a miracle worker though, of course.

Love is what makes the world go round,

Love is what keeps you safe and sound.


Don't you just love love?

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